How to “Date” a Dominant Woman

Over the course of time, it has become quite clear to Me that there are many men who desire submission and can not land a Dominant Woman. I can’t say there are too many “happy endings” (no pun intended) for men who desire a FemDom relationship. As a reader of My blog, I would hope that I can help all of you experience true submission. So, in this piece, I will share some of My ideas on how to court and date a truly Dominant Woman. This will be aimed at men who desire a 24/7/365 slavery to a Goddess and is aimed to encourage your best in service so you can STAND OUT in a sea of submissive men who also desire the same as you.
1. The Dominant Woman can have most any man at any time but She doesn’t give a shit ! For the Dominant Woman, She knows what She wants and She can read a man before he can. She’s the woman that walks in a room and is quickly noticed, She has confidence and assurance. She won’t tell you what She is looking for in Her future submissive partner because She knows already whether or not you may have potential to be the slave She would consider. Chances are, if you are still in front of Her and have an open line of communication, then you are being considered. Don’t fuck it up.
2. Service to Her is a gift and She doesn’t give it away. Please remember this. Dominant Women are not sluts, whores, or prostitutes. In fact, the opposite is true. We tend to stay guarded, in control at all times, and we don’t give away the goods until it is deserved and only when We choose to do so. Good luck getting a truly Dominant Woman to screw some chump with a small cock because he paid 1/2 his dinner bill on the first date. No fucking way!!!
3. We expect more from a man and We surely don’t give a shit about any man who desires to cum. Our response to that would be a cock cage for two weeks, so I recommend not mentioning your desire to cum. Ever! If a Dominant Woman desires you to cum, She will tell you (and I promise, it won’t be on the first meeting).
3. A submissive man is given an opportunity to prove his worthiness of Her worship by him. The submissive man really is in control because it is his responsibility to please his Goddess so that he may one day be worthy of complete and total control by Her. So, take My advice, pay 100% of the bill at all times, no questions asked because a truly Dominant Woman DOES NOT bring her credit card to dinner. If that’s a problem for you, then you are simply not submissive and won’t have any success being enslaved by a Queen.
4. A Dominant Woman absolutely can afford the dinner. She is strong, successful, takes care of Herself, and can open Her own door. But, that’s not the point! A Dominant Woman may be Dominant but she is a Goddess. A true woman and women deserve respect. So, submission is in the small gestures. Remember that. Trust Me, We do take notice. There is always a submissive man who will try harder than you. Don’t let that happen. Serve at your highest level.
5. Be honest and be yourself. Just like any relationship, it all has to start with “hello”. And even before that, you have to convince a very busy Dominant Woman that she should consider spending Her evening with you instead of someone else. The best way to do this is simple, ask Her!!! Make a plan, pick a nice restaurant and location near Her and invite Her to dinner. Keep it simple, remember – it all has to start with “hello”. Dominant Woman, contrary to popular belief, simply do not ask men out, we may agree to you asking us, but that is about it.
6. Dominant Woman are not like the other girls. We do not chase to harass or call men ourselves. Nope. Chances are, you will need to call Her. Do it. Don’t miss the boat. But, I will say this – We CHOOSE to not to chase and by doing this We can actually gauge a man’s interest in us by his communicative efforts. A submissive man who pays no attention probably doesn’t have time to serve properly or has little interest.
7. A submissive man who does keep regular contact will stand out because even if he also doesn’t have much time, just the fact that he made the effort will show the Dominant Woman that the potential slave is committed to Her ultimate control of him. In this situation where you have met and get along with a potential Mistress, I would not let 24 hours go by without reaching out if even in some small way to express your commitment to serve and please. No worries if She doesn’t get back, no expectations. She will eventually and trust Me, we take notice as to when and how often you choose to communicate.
8. Submissive men, particularly young men, can make the mistake of confusing arrogant, demanding, and emotionally manipulative Women with sexual Dominance. A true Dominant Woman is often just the opposite. She is strong in Herself and knows who She is. Just as some mistake a male submissive as emotionally weak and insecure. Neither is further from the truth. A Femdom relationship comes from strength and strong character. Respect yourself and respect your Lady. Make your submission and Her dominance emotionally significant. Find someone who loves you as much as you do them.
9. Dominant Women notice the details. We are always making mental notes, this is what We do, all the time. We may or may not speak about the thoughts We have of your needed control and how We plan on doing this. But, trust Me, we quickly start thinking of your complete control. Turning an alpha male into a slut for his Mistress may seem simple, but it’s not. Even if one is willing, We are still talking about complete control. For whatever the reason, not all Women have this hold over a man and to do so does take a certain source of strength, commitment, and influence. So, the Dominant Woman is always making mental notes on your behaviors.
10. I know it seems simple but I mention because just like all relationships start at “hello”, many other things start with the “first kiss”. A Dominant Woman is still a Woman, never forget this. A kiss, a hug, a soft touch, holding hands will go a long way. Don’t hold back, Women, yes, even Dominant Women love softness. Treat Her as your Goddess even when you are not collared, leashed, with slut written on your ass. In public (and in private), She should always be your focus and everything else should go away because all that matters is serving your Queen in the moment how She wishes to be served.
Mistress Lynne 2/18/14
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2 thoughts on “How to “Date” a Dominant Woman

  1. “My advice, pay 100% of the bill at all times, no questions asked because a truly Dominant Woman DOES NOT bring her credit card to dinner. If that’s a problem for you, then you are simply not submissive and won’t have any success being enslaved by a Queen.”

    This focus on money sounds like a pro/fin-Domme, and nothing like a lifestyle Domme.

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