How Mistress Lynne found Her stud

As a general rule, I can’t say that I am woman that “sleeps” around. There are a lot of woman willing to go home and fuck a guy with a small cock all day and night, but I am certainly not one of them. My fun comes in the form of humiliation, embarassment, truth, reality, and then letting the man know exactly why he won’t get Me in bed. However, a while back, I did meet a nice normal alpha male who knows nothing of the Mistress/slave experience. But, we did get along famously and soon after he texted Me a picture of his cock. And I was pleasantly surprised. My new friend, Devin, had a nice big cock. Who knew.
Devin wasn’t so easy to get in bed though. You would have thought he was, maybe he had played this game before, I am not sure. But, it was a good three months of being close friends before we became involved sexually. And when he let go with Me, it happened quite suddenly and he was all man about the whole thing. Devin started with kissing Me for hours, finger fucking Me so good, eating My very wet pussy like he would never stop, and then placing Me on his cock with Me on top to start. A rare position to get Me in for sure. When Devin was finally ready, it was obvious he had planned to fuck Me right. And so he did.
So, with Devin, in the beginning, I was not so “Mistress Like”. Always Myself, but not so advertly dominant, persay. I willingly took his cock like the “good girl” he often called me and loved every second. He fucked Me so good and My vagina just wrapped around his big cock like a perfect tight fitting glove. He called himself “lucky” for being allowed inside Me telling Me, always, My vagina felt so “fucking good” (exact words). Our parts together felt like genuine explosions.
And then, about three months into having a regular sexual relationship with Me. He CUT ME OFF !!! We had just had an incedibly satisfying night together and he said something that offended Me, so I walked out of the conversation like the good dominant lady I am.
We didn’t talk for about two weeks. I knew he would get in touch with Me. But, inside I knew, I knew I had to train that alpha male friend of Mine to be more submissive in his approach towards Me. I had to take back control.
Eventually, he did call Me and apologize. He told Me he didn’t mean to hurt My feelings but he was overwhelmed and had decided that he was to stop having sex for one year. But he wanted to continue being friends and invited Me over to hang out.
I can’t say I was overly thrilled about “just being friends”. But, I was on My period that day, so I went with it.
Then I found myself with no large enough cock to fuck. So I waited…..
I do love a man going down on Me but we all know the truth, satisfaction, true satisfaction comes from a really great cock. And I sure couldn’t bring Myself to lower my standards. I would rather just not have sexual intercourse.
Another couple months rolled by and one day I got a text from Devin. He told Me all he could think of was eating out My pussy. I had recently plugged his head with visions of eating Me out in an effort to get him to be more submissive towards Me so I could take back control. When I received this text, I knew I had him. I texted back “It’s where you belong”.
Soon after that, he offered his cock back to Me. I didn’t act too excited, again, trying to keep him in a submissive mindset, as much as you can with an alpha male who REALLY DOES have a large cock. I told him I was only excited about this if it was his intention to only serve and please Me. He assured Me that it was.
The next time we were together was great. Not only were we great friends but I had his permission to fuck him or vice versa. But, it wasn’t going to be that easy for him. The Mistress in Me kind of took over. He who tookith away must pay, as they say.
Devin was told clearly that he first had to lick My ass. That was the first step towards pleasing Me and surprisenly he did just as he was told. Then we had dinner and some red wine. Which halfway through our meal I said “You know what you should do?” He looked at Me and said “What?” I said “You should kneel before Me.” and surprisenly, he did just that. His face right in between My legs. I was very casual that day wearing this cute purple jogging outfit I own that fits My curves perfectly, I knew Devin would like it as it would seem I wasn’t trying to impress him but the 2 piece matching outfit was more than cute and of course, I wore heels. The heels didn’t quite go with the jogging outfit but the heels were key in My Mistress mentality to keep him submissive towards Me. When he first saw Me in heels, and he’s a pretty tall guy, I think his words were “heels do nothing for me”. In my head, I was like “Yeah right”!
So there he was, now kneeling before Me. I made him stay this way for about 5 minutes while I ate. Not sure how he felt about that. And soon I said, “you should totally take off my pants”. Which he did and went back to his kneeling pose and very shortly after that I grabbed his head so erotically from the back, opened My legs nice and wide, scooted up a bit in My dinner table chair, adjusted My posture and said “you want to please Me”? He said “yes”. Normally, this would be a “yes, Mistress” or heed a slap across the face. But, with Devin, I had to take it slow. He surely does not understand the Mistress/sub dynamic and yet he was falling into the role right before My eyes as I guided his mouth back where he belonged, on My very wet pussy instead of eating his dinner. Then I wrapped My legs around him, My black leather heels resting on his back while he ate My pussy like he truly missed it.
It was some time before I had him stop and I allowed him to go back to finishing dinner. While we ate, I told him what would come next. “Listen, I need to inspect you. When we are done with dinner, you will go get naked in the the bedroom and I will look you over and ask you a series of questions”. He said “Okay”. Again not “Okay Mistress” but again, we were working through this slowly.
When we were done with dinner, Devin took our plates, brought them into the kitchen and brought out the cake we would share for desert. And, after that, he headed to the bedroom and got naked, just as he was told, ready for his full body inspection. I, of course, stayed fully clothed and began to inspect him starting from his face and quickly getting to his balls, cock, underneath his balls, his ass, and butt. While inspecting him all over, gently, but with purpose, I asked him a series of questions that related to his sexual desires, how many times he came those past two months, what he watched and thought about, why he took his cock away from Me, if he had slept with others, what his darkest fantasy was, etc…. And he answered every single question I asked. No problems, no issues.
Then I told Devin, I said “Listen, every Mistress needs a stud”. And he agreed. “I want you to be My stud”. He asked Me what this meant, what he had to do, and I said “well, you would help in cuckholding men with small dicks” as I described to him how men with small dicks want to see their Mistress fucked by a man who is much more well-endowed and She will enjoy him more. He was more than interested. In fact, he said “sure”. And then he fucked Me. Mostly from behind and I came on his cock right before he pulled out and put a huge cum load on my back.
A couple weeks later, we did just as I mentioned. I got into a session with a regualar slave, someone I also feel comfortable with! And I surprised him. I got My slave to lay on his back right in front of a chair with his face close to the chair looking up. I kicked his balls 5 or 6 times with my bare foot, told him how unfortunate it was he would never fuck Me with his 5 inch cock, I measured it for the 28th time I think since he started seeing Me, each time, the same…. 5 inches. “Yes Mistress, I know Mistress, I am so sorry Mistress. You deserve a big huge cock Mistress”. I wrapped his tiny cock in some purple rawhide rope and when I was done, I slapped his little cock numerous times with the back of my hand. He winced in pain. I stood up, put My heels back on, and squished his balls with the tip of my right heel. “I am so fucking disgusted right now, so disgusted you would even show your fucking face here with that little cock. Really! I am simply going to throw up and when I do, YOU will be the cowboy his licks that shit up for Me!!”. My slave managed to say “Yes Mistress, of course Mistress”. And I started to act TRULY sick. I think even My slave got concerned. He looked up at Me twice and I stuck My right heel on his head and demanded he keep his head to the left and mind his own business as I ran to the bathroom, where My stud was.
I asked Devin to get naked and would he be so kind as to fuck Me now. We came out of the bathroom together and My stud sat on the chair above the head of My sissyboy slave who still had his head to the left and kept his eyes away at all costs. But, I am sure he knew what was going on but, did he know that he wouldn’t be sucking on My stud’s cock that day? I wonder if he was scared. When My stud was ready, I grabbed a smaller whip and slashed the front side of My slave. “You may look up now slave”. And he did and there was my stud’s big cock, rock hard, with his balls hanging loosely over his face. I hit my slave one more time “Fucking look at ME!!” and he turned his head to the right and there I was, standing above him, close enough for him to get an upskirt look and I began to take off My nylons and then My underwear which I stuffed in the mouth of My slave. I stepped over My slave with My backside facing my stud, pulled up My dress, and placed my vagina on Devin’s big cock.
Of course, My stud fucked Me awesome- right off – and I instantly felt gratification from him, as always. His big cock filling my vagina close over the face of my 5 incher slave. I couldn’t help but make some serious noise to let My slave know just how good it was. In fact, given the confidence boost in his big cock and having to put on a show. I have to admit, that particular day, My stud hit me just right!! It was hot.
Respectively Submitted,
Mistress Lynne 12/8/13



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