Happy day! I got to worship my Mistress Lynne

Mistress Lynne is sitting in a leather highback chair, with her legs crossed. She has a pair of black patent high heel pointed toe shoes on and is wearing a very short black dress. Her hair is down and She has light makeup on. She looks like the Goddess She truly is. I’m on my knees in front of Mistress Lynne, naked apart from my purple collar which has a purple leash attached to it, Mistress Lynne holds the leash in her left hand. I love to kneel before Goddess when I’m serving her, it’s where i belong.
Mistress smiles and holds her right hand out to me, i gently hold her hand and begin to kiss the back of it, then i suck and lick her fingers, putting them deep in my mouth. She has such soft, well manicured hands. Mistress moves her hand away slowly, i next expect her to present me with her other hand, but instead she stands up. “Lets go for a walk,” she says, and starts to lead me around the room. I crawl at the side of her, i notice Her calves, they look amazing in high heels. Mistress Lynne stops, i wait on all fours as she circles me, i keep my eyes to the floor. What’s Mistress doing? “You said to Me last week that you like My shoes, is that correct?” “Yes, it is Mistress.” “Good, I want you to lick them.” I start to lick Her patent high heels, i can see my reflection in the shiny finish as i move my tongue over them. They smell wonderful, and i lick every inch of them. Mistress observes me from above and when i’ve finished licking, she lightly pulls on the leash, and slowly leads me back to the chair.
Mistress Lynne stands with her back to the chair, i position myself in front of Her, and move from all fours to the kneeling position. She looks at me and says,”I want you to worship My ass, and My ass ONLY!, do you understand?” “Yes Mistress.” Mistress turns round, bends over and supports Herself on the chair, revealing her lovely round ass and beautiful pussy. Is Mistress teasing or testing Me? It’s irrelevant, it’s what Mistress wants, that matters. I begin to kiss and lick Her ass with great enthusiasm, using my tongue diligently, moving it over from one cheek to the other with great feeling. I obey Her instructions.
Mistress stands up straight, turns back around, adjusts Her dress and says. “Good boy, I’m training you well.” She touches the back of my head and removes the leash from my collar. I thank Mistress Lynne for allowing Me to serve Her again. “You may leave the room now.” I leave the room.
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