Good Boy goes Bad

The night was cold, blustery, and windy. A typical day in January when living in New England. I was making My rounds around the property. Checking to be sure all the bad boy slaves were cold in their tiny cage. Tonight was a special night as I allowed the slaves to be naked with one blanket. They seemed so pleased when each was offered a small purple blanket from Mistress Kira.
I was dressed in a long sleeve but short length black leather dress and a nice pair of black leather boots, good for kicking around snow and we had about two feet of snow on the ground. I found my five desperate slaves in their bad boy cage. I grabbed the purple cane I left in the stable for days like this. I was bored, cold, and my poor bad boy slaves were naked and freezing. I held the purple cane tight in my hand, brought the cane up high above my head, and very severely hit the bad boy cage with the purple cane. It was harsh and woke each of the five naked slaves up. They stared up at Me “Get the fuck out of this cage, you maggot holes”. And I opened the cage door each bad boy slave gladly crawled out of their cage one by one, their nose on the ass of the slave in front of them, on all fours, slowly, and with purpose they were careful not to make a mistake. I watched as these five pathetic undisciplined slaves carefully crawled out of the cage and each lined up in front of Me in their slave pose, naked, and ready to serve in any way. Each of these five slaves came in for discipline with their own story. Each man an alpha male outside of their experience of sleeping in My bad boy cage, each man in desperate need of slave training, to be told what they truly are in this world…. NOTHING, nothing but a rotting piece of flesh in a cemetery ground like each of us!! Survival – inside of serving a Mistress will be a mirror to look onto themselves as the pathetic pieces of human beings they really are. Some, stealing money from innocent people, others had cheated on their wife over and over, others were not nice at all to anyone, others manipulating woman into bed, and others using their success to get their tiny cock laid. Whatever the reason they were brought to Me for discipline and training, each man was to submit and live as My true slave. Each man would also accept the stable of slaves around him because those men will be your roommates in a small bad boy cage, naked, with only one blanket to sleep.
Luckily, this time, the five slaves had a perfect crawl out of the bad boy cage and lined up perfectly straight in front of Me all in their slave pose – naked. I stood above them, staring upon them, purple cane gripped in My right hand. Who would I choose? Most of the time their was one slave that somehow screwed up the line out of the bad boy cage and normally, this would be the slave I started with. But tonight, perfect, perfect train of men crawling out of the bad boy cage.
I looked behind Me and there was the good boy cage. At the moment, I only had two good boy slaves. Slave coco and slave j. sat nicely in their good boy cage, also naked. In the good boy cage, the slave was allowed a doggie bed to sleep on, one blanket, a purple bowl filled with fresh warm pee of Mistress Lynne, and dog food after properly seasoned. There was also, in the winter, a lightbulb next to the cage that the good boy slaves were allowed to use for light and warmth. The good boy slaves were permitted to sleep as long as they were on all fours and a large purple buttplug was inserted into their ass.
When I looked at slave coco and slave j. living the good life in the good boy cage, I had to laugh. “Ha-Ha”! I said as I turned my whole body around. I looked at My two good boy slaves. They were cozy in their cage, enjoying they light from their lightbulb, basking in the ray’s, with purple putt plugs in, licking from their purple bowls of warm fresh pee, eating their soaked dog food, with a tiny purple blanket wrapped around their necks for warmth. It was obvious they were very happy boys. I quickly realized what my next move would be!
Within seconds, my black heeled boots trampled through the snow that had fallen from the holes in the roof of the stable and I was quickly right in front of the good boy cage. Wham! Came down my purple cane. The two good boy slaves faces quickly turned to fear. Mistress was not happy! The good boy slaves had watched the bad boy slaves have a perfect parade out of their cage and they were still beautifully lined up, naked, cold, in their slave pose, waiting…. hoping I would choose another on this very cold night. “Take those butt plugs out of your asses holes! No pun intended”. Quickly slave coco and slave j. did so, “Yes Mistress”. “I want you two out of this good boy cage” I said and they did just that with slave coco’s nose in slave j.’s ass on the way out on all fours. The general rule at line up is the larger cock is always in front of the line and each man placed in line based on the size of his cock with the smallest cock at the end and not getting any enjoyment even from a man’s nose in his ass on the way out of the cage.
And so my two good boy slaves joined the bad boy line up. “okay bad boys, I am allowing you time in the good boy cage for doing such a nice job on your line up tonight, you may go, you are excused”. The bad boy slaves lined backed on all fours and crawled their way over to the good boy cage happily with their noses in each one another’s ass. When they finally made it to the cage, they fought each other for the warm pee offered to the good boys, pushing and licking towards the small purple bowl. Some enjoyed the seasoned dog food and when they were full they wrapped up together in the two small purple blankets and snuggled close to the offered lightbulb for heat and light.
In front of them, bad things went on around them. The good boy slaves were tied and spread against a very icy wall in the stable, there heads down, blindfolded, and collared tight. The bad boy slaves heard whips, multiple lashings, screams, “No Mistress, I have been so good”. Whap! “Yes Mistress”. Again, Whap! But the bad boy slaves minded their own business. What was the choice of Mistress Lynne was the only thing that mattered and that very cold night I let the bad boys have a night in luxury. However, My two good boy slaves were NOT so lucky. These tough men taking heat from Me beyond their physical thresholds, nothing they have experienced. They had been spoiled in the good boy cage for way to long, almost two days now! That was all over, these two true good boy slaves were to show the bad boy slaves what real dedication in slavery means. To get to good boy cage status, you were turned inside out, but as a good boy slave – a man must show proper slavery through service to the Queen.
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2 thoughts on “Good Boy goes Bad

  1. Mmmmmmmm. Thank you goddess for keeping us in Line. We need to kept on a very short leash mistress !

  2. Mistress, you’re so strict and powerful…. Dressed in a black leather dress and boots…. Yes please!

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