“Good boy ” factory. How I became a Slave to Mistress Lynne

cocoslave14In Mistress Lynne’s dungeon there is a good boy factory. There are two cages. Each cage is big enough to hold about six slaves. But I hear sometimes there are many more slaves in these cages. On one of the cages it says bad boys and on the other cage it says good boys. I was brought to Mistress Lynne’s good boy factory because I was an undisciplined slave. My previous mistress had a long talk for over an hour with Mistress Lynne about proper discipline for me. She was simply going to kick me to the curb but I begged to be trained to be a good boy instead. After I was brought downstairs naked my hands were handcuffed behind my back. And I was put into the bad boy cage where there were three other slaves there already. Apparently Mistress Lynne or another mistress had written an indelible ink all over the slaves. From where I was chained I could read some of the writing on one of the slaves. Apparently they were directions on how to miss treat these bad boys. All of the slaves in the cages were in chastity.
I could read where it said flog every two hours for 10 minutes. It also said dip cock and balls and ice water for five minutes every three hours. Electric butt plug to remain in anus. Allowed to sleep on knees for two hours per night. Balls to be whipped every three hours for five minutes. Cage to be kept on until January 5, 2014. Cock gag to remain in the mouth 12 hours per day. Three hours per day of forced rubber cock mouth fucking. Slave to electrocute own nipples hourly. one hundred pushups onto big rubber cock in slave mouth hourly. Slave to cane his own twice a day. Some of the writing was hard to see due to the dozens of welts and marks across the bodies of these suffering men.
Each slaves back was covered in different instructions. I could see one slave that in bold red ink on his back said he could only sleep with a giant plug in his ass and nose inserted into another bad boys ass.
Immediately a Mistress spun me around and chained my hands above my head. My Mistress watched as Mistress Lynne instructed the Dom with the permanent black sharpie what to write on my back. It was whispered so I was unable to know my fate. My cock and balls were submerged into ice water for five minutes followed by being clamped and locked into a very undersized chastity device. Finally the writing was complete from my shoulders down to the crack of my ass. Immediately a very large cock gag was inserted into my mouth and my eyes covered by a blindfold. Lastly my mistress said, “Goodbye Hole !” which was her name for me, ” I will be back in one month.”!!!
I totally lost track of time. My blindfold was rarely taken off. My enormous cock gag in my mouth seemed to always be in. I did not eat anything for what seemed like weeks. I was flogged often and then hung in different positions immediately proceeding my beatings. i didn’t know if it was day or night. I was so scarred and I was so sorry for not being a better slaveboy. I felt my nose being pushed to the floor where i smelled a familiar smell. it was dog food ..I had eaten it often. When the scraps from dinner were determined to be too good for a slave I was usually given dry dog food to eat. I was fine with this meal and I was so hungry I started to eat but then a lash came down on my ass and a mistress said, ” not so fast Hole !” I ceased. I heard a trinkle of water now and the smell of urine. It was soon that I realized that slaves only eat there dog food after Mistress Lynne has properly seasoned it. If Mistress Lynne wasn’t around or did not have to pee then we simply did not eat. Sometime Mistress Lynne would be rewarding a slave who had graduated into the good boy cage with the entire contents of her bladder and she and the other mistresses would laugh because we all knew that we would be hungry for some time.
For what seemed like months I was methodically beaten whipped electrocuted and had my cock and balls iced regularly. My ass was usually full of something as well. I could tell the difference between a giant but plug and a piece of ice in the shape of a cock but other times i could tell they were plugs with tails designed to amuse whomever came down to enjoy our methodic suffering. I lost my will and eventually came to enjoy the beatings more than the time i was left alone to hang or be bent over. I knew for certain of what was written on my back now. I was strapped into a fucking machine the deeply fucked my asshole for at least an hour twice per day. Then the rubber cock that was fucking my ass was inserted into my mouth for the next ten hours. At least once per day my asshole was electrocuted. The only time my nipple clamps were removed was to hear me cry for the amusement of the Dom’s Guests. They were also electrocuted daily. There was an electro ring around my balls that was turned on when I was permitted to sleep on my knees. The mistresses would laugh and turn up the voltage and say good luck if you can sleep with that level ! and often i was taken outside onto Mistress Lynne’s deck naked my blindfold removed. I was leashed and my electric butt plug firmly inserted up my welted ass. I learned that this was when I entertained her guests who had me dance naked while in the comfort of the warm house and me outside. Guests would pass the remote controls to the voltage devices on my balls nipples and asshole and watch me dance.
Finally after eternity Mistress Lynne’s sexy firm voice whispered into my ear, “graduation day Hole.”! I suspected as much as I had been forced into a very cold shower for a very long time. My asshole and mouth raped by cylindrical bars of soap on sticks by dominant woman in heels. I had been shaven and feminized and given purple panties to wear. I was so proud of myself. Mistress Lynne attached a leash to my tiny chastity cage and paraded me to my new cell. I was a good boy and my heart was full of joy. I remained on all fours as a dog in panties for almost a week awaiting my mistress to come for me. Now i regularly received my dog food with Mistress’ urine. I could see the suffering of the Bad boys and in my heart knew that they deserved every but of it!.. I watched them suffer as i was permitted to sleep and rest in my cage as long as I was always on my hands and knees. I learned to insert the large plugs into my own asshole for the Doms to amuse them and show them that I knew my place. I would never speak or bark or look directly at them . If they forgot to feed me, I simply stayed on my knees. I made no sounds and when I had tasks to perform I did them with joy in my eyes. Sometimes they would say that if i was not claimed soon, I was going back to the bad boy cage. “please no! Ill be good. ill do anything …anything at all.” The mistresses would laugh at me and tell me a nice gift to give mistress Lynne for her efforts would be my balls. I got scared.
Finally Mistress Lynne came to me and said that my Mistress had found a new younger more endowed slave and that I was now homeless. I was terrified. Then she placed a purple dock collar around my neck and said that if i agreed to have my chastity cage permanently installed and the lock soldered shut she would keep me as a work slave. I nodded and smiled. And she called me Coco and said I was to remain feminine and serve cock for her. I am so fortunate. I adore you Goddess Lynne!
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13 thoughts on ““Good boy ” factory. How I became a Slave to Mistress Lynne

  1. Slave Coco, what a treat for you to be allowed to write about our meeting while in your cage by candlelight. Your old Mistress gave you up, I probably will too someday. I expect complete obedience at all times.

    • I know how fortunate I am Mistress! I now shut up and present my feminized girl ass for abuse or use. I used to say I don’t do anal. I want her to keep me so I have learned that I do whatever I’m told!

  2. Do you have to have a Mistress who seeks your severe punishment to get in the good boy factory? I would like check myself in.

    • I would quit my job and give Mistress Lynne all of my savings just to live in servitude to our cruel Mistress.

      • I believe the answer to both of your questions is this : it isn’t about what you want anymore. What can you offer? Sacrifice for her. Give away your dignity. I believe mistress Lynne thrives on dignity removal. Debase yourself for her. It may catch her attention. Or you will simply go unnoticed. I’m my previous world I was an alpha male. But I’ve given it all away to attempt to become her exclusive toilet. It would be my highest achievement. I love when she giggles at me. I can’t resist it. I strive to further serve her. I feel it allows me more contact. It’s all I want it’s all I need.

  3. i’m a married 42 year old, athletic and very fit man with a 7.5 inch cock, a pretty wife and 2 kids and a great job. yeah i sound proud but in all reality, deep down inside me all i want is to be abducted by a Dominant and cruel Woman who will break me and train me to be Her slave, to serve, obey and worship only Her and whomever She sees fit.
    i would give up my life to trade places with slave coco…

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