Good Article, Series of Submission Questions


Article by Elise Sutton, written to woman to help get there man into submission.
Ladies, if you want to get started in the Female Domination lifestyle but do not know where to begin, perhaps this exercise can assist you. When I met a new client/patient, I first took on the role of Dominatrix to arouse his submissive nature and to break him of his inhibitions in order to get him to open up to me. I would recommend that you prepare for your mental examination by first getting your husband or submissive male in a state of total submission.
Dress in your most sexy, yet dominant outfit. Have him get totally naked before you. Then dominate him to get him into a submissive frame of mind. If you do not yet know which triggers will stimulate his submission, then perhaps you could start with an erotic spanking. If he responds to verbal humiliation, than by all means verbally humiliate him as you administer the spanking. You could humiliate him about being a lowly male or humiliate him for having too small of a penis. Don
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