Good Advice

Some Good Advice for Woman who Wish to control a Sub-man.

Written by “Owned By Mistress Tina”

First, he wants to serve you. Own it then. Make him earn the “honor” of being selected. That means tests… If he says he wants to be caged, then do it, and don’t think twice about it. Conviction and determination are signs of strength, indecision is weakness. Put the challenge to him then. The first thing you should posess is his ability for release by his own hand, accidental or otherwise.
Controlling his orgasm will open up other opportunities over time, this is certain. Making him stay caged in your presence is the first step, keeping him caged while away has two effects on his psyche. First, it is a constant reminder that he is owned, second, that he MUST see you to be released, maybe.
He will quickly realize that standing to pee like a man is pretty much over, he will have to sit all the time, like a girl. Again, getting and staying in his head. Sleeping while caged at first is a nightmare. Evening hard ones can wake you right up. Eventually you get through them though, another way of staying in his head. mistress Tina knows that by about the 3rd or 4th day, that it will do anything for release. At that point, you are now completely in control, no task, no request is too much. After a week, he won’t be able to say no to anything hoping for release. This I know. After you get to that point, it goes however you want it to go really. Tina has done some things just to torment me, such as wear a skirt, squat on over the bathroom floor, pee and tell me to clean it up, using my tongue only while telling me what a good servant I am. I will lay out her clothes, make sure everything matches, shoes everything. She will play with herself in front of me, knowing how badly I want to cum.
And if he has kinks or fetishes, play on them, all of them. If he gets hard over heels, only wear heels. Make him do and be what you want… Not what he wants… That is topping from the bottom if it is about what he wants…
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