Should I get this male slave from Romania? He seems perfect. :)

DSC01833 DSC01834 DSC01838first time…thank you because you give me hope to change my life.i m sorry because i don t speak very good english. i want to send you photos with me.i m from Romania and i work in portugal.i know maybe i didnt told u this…i m sorry.i have 30 years old…i don’t have kids and i m not married.its dificult i know i m far awey ,in june in the summer i go home in my country to see my family.i worck i don’t win many money …i know u want a slave now…i m sorry i dont can make this …because i have to pay some money…i give money personal things please understand me .but i know…if u want a slave for life 24 7 365 days i will be your.i dont make jokes…i m not crazy …i will be made enithing…enithing…i will be sleep in the cage….i willl be serve u like golden shower an scato…i m virgin if i can win money …to fuck my ass its ok…u can bite me …i like face sitting very much…i like foot fetish…if u want to use me to movies its ok…i what to send u some pictures

i m sorry because i dont right very good. i tool to you i m virgin in ass..u can use me win money…u can give me to another person i will be your slave for life u have my word..please think about this. u have my life its yours …i will be your toilet man …your sex slave…your husband if u whant i dont need nothing. i whant to know my things i will be do for you my mistress…thank u i wait to call me or your message…your slave for life…sorry about pictures…i make quick. thank you…please take my life. i know what i want.

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