Framing my slave contract w/ Mistress Lynne

My first task in my new role as Mistress Lynne’s Personal Property and Possession (as stated in paragraph 1 – clause 4 of ‘The Contract’), was to go into town to have ‘The Contract’ framed at the Art Gallery. “You will ask the youngest FEMALE employee to assist you, and you will identity yourself as slave ian should She ask your name”.. Mistress Lynne then Instructed me to lube my anus and insert the Buttplug, before presenting my cock and balls for the Application of my Chastity Device Ceremony.. Frilly panties beneath my jeans, and clips on my nipples beneath my shirt completed the ensemble. Mistress Lynne gave Permission for me to bow down to kiss Her Regal Feet & Toes prior to departure..
i returned 95 minutes later, and gave Mistress Lynne the order for framing work – made out to ‘slave ian’ arsehole felt just as punished and violated as it had been by the two Mistresses the night before. And the newly attached chastity device felt awkward and uncomfortable..Mistress Lynne had a lined pad and pen ready, and Ordered that i write a letter to Mistress Nica THANKING Her for my oral & anal penetration; and for witnessing the signing of The Slave Ownership and Chastity Contract..
‘Dear Mistress Nica, Thank You for showing me my new role in life. In just one evening with You i learned that i am here on this earth to surrender to COMPLETE Feminine Rule & Authority..i mistakenly thought i understand male submission and inferiority, but i now know that i am but a blank canvas for Mistress Lynne to create true slavish surrender.. My Chastity Device is now fitted, and i am desperately, desperately in a constant state of awestruck love for my Goddess-Owner the Divine Mistress Lynne!! In closing Mistress, may i humbly & sincerely Thank You for fucking me and allowing me to orally adore Your Strap On’
Mistress Lynne Dictated the PS..’Mistress Nica, please find enclosed key to my device..i BEG You to visit Mistress Lynne in one month to preside over it’s unlocking..i BEG too, that You and Mistress Lynne Fuck & Humiliate me ALL day on this occasion in celebration of Your Feminine Power & Control’
Mistress Lynne had me walk back into town to post the letter. “Kneel in front of the mailbox for two minutes, then kiss the envelope twelve times before you send it on it’s way..” i bowed down again before leaving, and luxuriated in Mistress Lynne’s Fabulously Sexy Voice promising ‘a nice, long, whipping’ upon my return to Her Mansion..
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2 thoughts on “Framing my slave contract w/ Mistress Lynne

  1. part of my slave contract with my Wisconsin owners is a small dick tax…when I visited this weekend, they noted that it was 50 dollars per 1/2 inch less than four. I measured in at 2 1/2 so it was a 150 dollar hit. Also last weekend, they strung me up by the balls on a stripper pole and I had to watch them have sex on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. It is emasculating to admit, but the bull is an incredible man. He has the body of a pro athlete (so lean), big muscles, six pack abs, and a rock hard cock. She stripped for him on Sunday on the pole (and I got to be off it…thank God), and I was in charge of toweling them off (both were sweaty). I left on Monday afternoon, but before I went, they hosted a MLK Jr. brunch for their friends, and I was the servant. The female owner said she was very pleased with her boy. That made me happy. It is nice to hear that I did a good job.

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