Forced Feminization Article

BDSM Forced Feminization

a Guide for Female Dominants and Male Submissives

In the world of female dominance, one of the most prevalent methods of subduing a man is the forced feminization of a strong, decidedly male man. The interesting thing is that this seems to be a prevalent fantasy amongst male submissives. They need this when they are submitting to a female dominant. What does this entail though and what makes it even more effective?Forced feminization starts with the changing of a male name into a female name like Patrick into Patricia or creating a new name that has nothing in common with the submissive’s current name. The male submissive is also referred to as a “little girl”, “slut” or “whore”. The male genitals are often renamed as well to make them seem female e.g. little patsy or something like that. Sometimes the genitals are bound to hide it and make the male seem even more female. Chastity also plays a large role in making sure that the male forgets that he is the dominant person and that his sexual needs are more important than the woman’s needs. He becomes painfully aware that his male genitals now mean nothing as he has become a sissy and something to be used and made fun of by superior women or men. Once again, this is consensual and these men want and need to be treated this way.

To add to the effect of a sissy, the male is also dressed in high heels, lacy underwear and uniforms universally used by male dominants when they role-play with fem submissives. These would include little girl dresses, cheerleader outfits, French maid uniforms and lingerie only. The idea is to make the male look like a woman. He will be forced to shave and will often be reminded of his place with spankings or canings while dressed this way. Remember that this is not a crossdresser – this man is forced to wear these clothes, even if he would never choose to wear it himself.

The male sissy will also be expected to perform tasks that are traditionally female like household chores, cooking, serving his Mistress or dominant in every way like bathing her, doing her manicures and pedicures and serving her sexually with her using a strap on. This does not mean that the man is bisexual either. Keep in mind that this form of play is based on humiliation and debasement and since most submissives who need this form of play are male, this type of humiliation works well to keep them under a dominant’s control.

The male sissy will often be as exposed as a female submissive, perhaps more so and will be the subject of conversations on how pathetic he is or how unattractive some part of his body is. Women like to dominate men in this way. Maybe it is because of being treated like this for so long by men and now getting the chance to reverse the roles. Whatever the reason, it is a highly erotic form of domination that gives a lot of pleasure to both the female dominant and the male submissive.

Forced feminization can however become more permanent though when a man consents to changing his gender and I would consider this edge play. It takes a deeply committed relationship to get to this point. I also think that this process should not be undertaken at all, but then I have stated that my kink is not the same as others’ kink and that we all need to respect that. If the male felt trapped in a male body and always identified as a female, then I see no reason why this extreme could not work, but in all other cases I would really think about it about a thousand times before demanding it of a male who does not identify as a woman full time.

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  1. Thanks for posting Good Boy Slave, a good read for anyone even interested in trying to understand the basic concept. For me the best part of any bdsm experience is that the parties involved to make it anything they choose and can explore and push each others limits, not just the subs but the domminants as well to grow and develop an overall better understanding and growth.

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