Football sunday

Just as the running back crossed the goal line, Joes Sports bar erupted, I jumped up, high fived my boys. Joe’s was the sunday football hangout, basically a testosterone fest. I screamed out the waitress, “another round for the boys babe” Our team was racking up the points. The day was going great, surrounded by all my boys.
Midway through the game the bar door opened and in the corner of my eye i noticed MISTRESS LYNNE come in. I immediately panicked, none of my friends knew of my service to her and i didn’t want them to find out. I continued watching game but was catching glances as many times as i could. Another touchdown and we jumped up again. instead of yelling out to waitress i told the guys i would go to bar and get drinks. I approached bar standing next to MISTRESS, acting like i didn’t know her i whispered, “hello MISTRESS, what are you doing here” She glared my way, “excuse me, but it’s not your concern i go where i want to go” The bartender approached, I ordered a round for the boys and looked around and said , “ill also buy her a drink” She smiled and said “good boy” I got the drinks and went back.
We continued watching the game, my boys were rowdy. yelling at waitress and being guys. During 3rd quarter, MISTRESS LYNNE rose, i watched and it seemed like slow motion as my heart pumped fast as she approached table. She spoke, “excuse me gentlemen, but you guys are being load and rude to waitress and im offended. One of my boys spoke, “who the hell are you lady, its none of your business” i cringed at his remark. I turned to the guys, “guys we are being a little loud, we can tone it down a bit” My boys got on me, “hey you getting soft Ant, don’t let this bitch tell us what to do” MISTRESS eyes widened, “your calling me a bitch, you need to apologize. My boy continued, “im not apologizing lady so you need to run along” MISTRESS stood her ground. “you need to learn respect, your friend Anthony here knows respect” My face turned bright red. my boy looked at me, “ant you know this bitch” “Joe she’s not a bitch , enough, let it be” My boys looked puzzled. MISTRESS was not about to stop. “yes he does know respect and he’s going to apologize right now aren’t you ANT” My boy spoke, “yeh right, Ant tell this lady to beat it.” I was bright red.
MISTRESS looked at me, “im waiting for an apology” “im sorry for my friends comments” all the boys yelled at me, MISTRESS continued. “now Anthony that’s not how you apologize, i want you to get on your knees and apologize” the guys laughed, She tapped her foot, “im waiting, DO IT NOW” I slipped out of my seat and knelt before her, i heard gasps from the guys. “im sorry for my friends rudeness” “That is a start, boy now kiss my boots” my head was spinning, the humiliation was extreme but i couldn’t disobey Mistress. I bent down and kissed her boots. Shreaks and sighs from the group i heard. “you see boys Anthony here understands respect,” she walked back to her seat and snapped her fingers, “crawl to me slave” i crawled over, she looked down at me, “continue licking” I licked her boots. The boys couldn’t believe what they were seeing. My secret was out. She ordered another drink from bartender, a lovely blonde girl, “put it on tinys tab down there” she laughed, “sure thing, why do you call him tiny” “oh because he has a small dick” i dint think i could get any redder but i did. She laughed. “would you like to see” my heart dropped, “stand up slave” I looked at her, “please MISTRESS LYNNE don’t do this” She slapped my face hard, “that’s for talking back” she slapped me again “that’s for looking me in the eyes now bow that head” i lowered my head. “pull your pants down slave” i heard the bartender chuckle, just then the waitress approached also. I undid my belt and lowered my pants. “now the underwear” MISTRESS commanded, i obeyed, the women laughed, “my god that s tiny” “yes it is lady that’s why he’s on his knees licking boots that all he’s good for” The boys were shocked the girls were amused. “ok pull up those pants and get down there and lick my boots slave” “yes MISTRESS LYNNE”…………..
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4 thoughts on “Football sunday

  1. Wow that is true humiliation. I pictured that happening to me and felt embarrassed and a little turned on.

  2. I can so picture Mistress Lynne doing this to me at a bar. She’s come close in other situations. I am always afraid she will humiliate me, but she is generally pretty sneaky about it.

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