First Session with Mistress L – Part 2

First Session with Mistress L, by ST. Yegg
Chapter II – the rest of the ride
For a while in Westchester, I was on the Hutchinson River Parkway, one of the most picturesque highways in the metropolitan NY area. Riding by, looking at the trees, and mostly green grass on both sides of the road, I felt inspired. I knew this was going to be good. Mistress L had told me that She, although generally experienced as a Mistress, was new to forcedbi events, and had not determined one way or the other how to fully treat the right male subject who She might determine to be appropriate for that kind of honor. I thought about those words and I became excited. I was feeling honored and privileged to serve in that capacity, even though I had no specific idea of what the capcity would turn out to be. Mistress L defines Herself as a one-on-one Lady, so I am guessing that my service might be simply my taking a strap-on from Her, but I don’t really know.
Mistress L brings a new energy and spirit to my bdsm world. She is so brutally frank and consistently dominant in all of Her writings and sayings. While, I thought, I had seen a lot of Women, there were only a very few situations where I was a part of the Domme’s entry into forcedbi practices. It is so exciting to experience a Woman coming into Her own, Her mastery of dominance naturally. As I turned off the Hutch on to Route 7 to get on to 84 North to CT, I flipped the mental image of my memory rolodex of prior experiences where I was a significant part of a Woman’s bdsm growth experience. Almost immediately I remembered Mistress Dahlia and Ms. Svetlana from NYC circa 1995; the prior year I had been used/trained to swallow by a Mistress Catherine from L.A., temporarily in NY for a year of schooling. Now, Ms. Catherine had returned to the west coast and I was looking around for other Ladies to lead me.
Ms. Dahlia worked out of a tall, narrow commerical building in the florist area of Manhattan (generally the high 20s and Sixth Avenue then). I had found Her ad in Dominant Mystique magazine and went over there at my first opportunity. There was an outdoor bell and speaker on the sidewall. I rang in and the Female voice, slightly but definitely accented, asked me to identify myself. I gave my name and I was admitted by buzzer. The hallway was narrow and the one elevator felt antiquated, though it operated perfectly well. I got off at 14, the floor I was told when I rang up. The elevator door on 14 opened to another closed door, where there was room for not more than 2 people. The inner door did not open until the elevator door closed and continued to its next floor assignment.
Inside, there was a large reception area, and one young lady behind a desk straight ahead of me. There was a form for me to fill out before She and I could have a discussion of anything. One question on the form required me to identify the Mistress I was there to see. It was Ms Dahlia, I said. The receptionist told me to sit down and offered me water or soda. She said Ms. Dahlia was busy and it would be about 20-30 minutes before She could see me. I chose soda and She went into a kitchen behind Her desk to grab a diet coke for me. I asked Her name, and it was Svetlana. She was not talkative at all, besides She was busy answering the phone which was constantly, it seemed, ringing. She was about 5’5, nice figure, breasty and it showed because She was wearing a white blouse that seems a tiny bit too small for Her shapely self.
When She finally had a breather, I asked about the premises and the situation. It was a dungeon house, She told me. Usually, there are 3 Mistresses on duty at a time, but this day, there was only Ms. Dahlia, who was the proprietress and HeadMistress. On one side of the reception area, there was three doors and on the other side, only one. Svetlana pointing said that one – the single door – was the main session room, and the other side had two smaller session areas and one sitting room, in case there was a client waiting who needed privacy. She told me that when Ms. Dahlia was ready for me, I would have to sit in the waiting room, until the current client had left via the elevator. I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, but I was enjoying watching Svetlana. I noticed She was wearing a shiney new diamond ring on the fourth finger of Her left hand.
Are you newly married, I inquired. “No” She said, just engaged. She was an emigree from Poland, and She had been in America almost 5 years. Her boy friend was a brand new immigrant but he had a very good job. He is, she added proudly, an engineer, and he is working currently in St. Louis. St Louis? I asked, that was far away. Yes, She was never there yet. But, if he keeps the same job, She’d likely have to move there after they are married. When will that be, and She replied that they didn’t have a date, but she expected it would be within the next year. I asked Her if She was a Mistress there? Again, no, and an explanation. “Sometimes, I do cameos, like when the Mistress invites me in for 10 minutes, I work for tips only then.” My mind was jumping ahead. I would like to do a cameo with Her, I thought, but did not yet say.
It was time to meet Ms. Dahlia and i went into the waiting room and sat there until the prior subject left. Ms. Dahlia was tall, dark haired and She later told me of mixed Italian and German heritage. She had a nice body too, mostly thin, but with a round ass, and a gait that seemed a little awkward. like the top half of Her was pulling the bottom half. I had told Her previously on the phone that I was seeking a forcedbi encounter, and She addressed that as soon as I walked in. She told me one of Her favorite stunts was going to be “right over.” He is “florist boy.” I call him that, She added, because he works in the back of one of the florist shops right around the corner. He comes here as soon as I call him most of the time. I called him earlier and told him to be here about 3 PM. He called back a short while ago and told me that it might not be until 3:30, so I will give you 90 minutes for the usual tribute for 60 minutes. I paid, She took the money and left the room, instructing me to get myself completely comfortable.
The room was gigantic, i would say at least 20′ by 25′. In the middle of the room was a king-sized bed, appropriately wearing its linen and bed covering. It had a iron headboard which looked uncomfortable. Large wooden cabinets were on either side of the bed, one opened to a closet for hanging clothes, and Ms. Dahlia had shown that to me when telling me to strip. Also the walls were full of bdsm instruments, whips, paddles and other things, even a collection of gags and masks. Opposite the bed were floor to ceiling mirrors so that one could watch himself or Herself while playing in bed. There was also a couple of traditional winged leather chairs. I guessed that at one time, this must have been the master bedroom of an apartment residence.
When Ms. Dahlia returned She had put on high heels and a pair of leather shorts and a black leather bra. She fit in the room. “While we are waiting for florist boy, I should get you ready” She said to me. I was standing there totally nude in front of Her. She looked disparagingly at my male equipment and asked “Does that thing get hard?” yes, I assured Her, although the right answer was “not always.” She sat down on the bed and grabbed me over Her knees. She spanked my ass – not with any emotion or strength of action, more like routinely, harder than love taps, but not much, and then She started rubbing my ass, and running Her hand up and down around the crack. She asked me if i had ever been fucked. I had not, I assured Her, and I was not there for that. She laughed.
Mistress Dahlia asked me if there was a time when i was active in bdsm and did not suck, yes, I proudly (?) told Her, and then was there a time you would not session with another guy unless he was wearing a condom. yes, of course, a few years. And, now, She asked, “you suck and swallow, but won’t take it in the ass, is that right?” Seeing where She was going, I reluctantly said yes that time. This is a process, She commented, as if I should understand. I told Ms. Dahlia, I wanted the receptionist Lady to come in for a cameo, when the moment was right. She said that would be $20. I said I would tip Her $20. “That’s the minimum” Mistress Dahlia added. She was spanking me harder now, but She was also getting tired of that activity. She asked me to get down on my knees on top of the bed. I did that and She bitch slapped my face, a lot more stridently than She had spanked my ass. She started calling me “slut” almost every other word seemed to be “slut.”
Back in my car en route to Mistress L’s place, I took a mental break from my trip down memory line. I was trying to recall what Mistress L had said to me. I remembered one word which was apparently important to Her – “purple.” She expressed an interest in cross-dressing me. She told me She had a large collection of clothing, skirts, dresses, shirts, bras and panties, and there was purple in most everything. She said that She really enoys getting Her forcedbi boys all dressed up, and that they looked very hot – “fucking hot”, She said, before they take it. I had very little experience in cd, and wasn’t sure I would do that, but I was confident that Mistress L would be totally in charge.
Mentally, I returned to the session with Ms. Dahlia. Florist boy showed up. He was in his 20s, Caucasian, seemingly healthy and quick. He stripped entirely in a couple of minutes, at most. Mistress had me on the bed, on my back and face up. Florist boy wasted no time, he jumped on the bed, set with his knees aside my chest and with his equipment close to my mouth. I opened, I sucked, I swallowed. The whole thing was 2 minutes, maybe, Mistress Dahlia was incensed. She screamed at Florist boy; She was only beginning and She didn’t want him to be finished before it began. She made him stand facing one of the chests, and with his arms against the furniture, and his back towards Her. She grabbed a whip and swung it at his back. I could see the welt She created. She struck again, and another welt. He tried to reason with Her. She was not interested in reasoning. She struck again and again. I thought he was crying. Mistress Dahlia took a break and came back with Ms. Svetlana with Her. She looked at the pathetic me lying in the bed watching this spectacle, and She asked if i could take a golden shower from the assistant Mistress. “why not” I answered. “Don’t be so effen smug” She replied, “and this is going to be worth more than $20. Prepare to be generous. Now, you beg for Her to do it, and I will continue with Florist boy. When I am finished with him, he’s going to get it up, all over again, and he’s going to deliver the goods the right way this time.”
Svetlana was a beauty inside and out. She positioned Herself over me, and tried to talk Herself into releasing. She couldn’t quite do that. She then grabbed me by the hair of my head and got my face closer to Her sweet spot. I flicked my tongue so that I touched Her, then, not getting any negative reaction, I did it again and then She sat on my mouth and filled it up with delicious warm nectar. Ms. Dahlia observed the action and said “very good,” now both of You come here, and She asked Svetlana to sit in the winged chair, and had me sit on Her lap. She had florist boy wear a condom and while She pushed and pulled at his body, positioned him so that he could have intercourse with my mouth. When he came, She gently removed the condom and used the left over seed by putting Her gloved finger in it and applying it as if lipstick to my lips. When every application was applied, I tried to lick it off Her finger first. Svetlana greatly enjoyed the scene, made friends with me, and I not only tipped Her very generously, I took Her, on another occasion, to one of downtown NY’s great Italian restuarants. Svetlana was never the same person. She started domming Herself and quit Dahlia’s place when they did not create enough sessions for Her. I am told, I did not know it myself, She broke up with Her fiancee, but married someone else entirely but only after being a golden showers queen in the bdsm scene for about a year.
Finally, I arrived. Mistress L’s place. It was a dungeon, but located amidst the peace and quiet of suburban bliss. The place immediately felt cozy and welcoming. I wanted to jump right down on the feather bed and cuddle up. But, I saw a lot of goodies beyond the bed – there was a large collection of whips, gags, dildos, and other miscellaneous toys. Mistress L looked at me skeptically. “Don’t get too comfortable” She observed ‘you have a lot to do to earn your keep with me today.” “What?” I wanted to know, She roughly grabbed me and told me in no uncertain terms to “shut the fuck up.” “This is MY place. I will TELL you what to do. THEN, you will do it and write about it for me. The writing part you seem to be good at. Let’s find out now how good you may turn out to be in respect of the other things. “
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