Finally, a Mistress to Serve

You have accepted me as a slave, a yearning I have had for
so many years and you now tell me that the moon is full and you
will have a ritual with some other women who believe in female
superiority and that I will give up ALL rights of masculinity to
you as I accept complete ownership by you, and you add that I
will be taken out in the country to a place that is very private
and isolated. You also tell me that you will own me but that
this won’t prevent you from getting another slave at a later
time if you wish. I say yes Mistress, I understand and of course
agree. Good you say, as you tell me that you have a contract you
found on line for me to sign, turning all rights I have over to
you. You also go on and tell me that you will of course never
permanently harm me, as you do own me, but that I may be marked,
abused, humiliated and punished in any way you desire, whether
for punishment, amusement or sexual desire and if at anytime I
abuse this privilege of being your slave, you may rip up the
contract and kick me out as you ask me if I fully understand,
and I say yes Mistress. You produce the contract and I gladly
You now tell me that there will be some preparations for the
ritual as you have me prepare your bath. I roll in on the wheel
chair and draw your tub as you walk in and disrobe. I am in awe
as you tower over me at your beauty as you step in the tub and I
start to bath you. I so much love doing this as it gives me a
chance to soap and wash your whole body. Finally you stand and
get out and I dry you off and get the scented oils you love and
rub them all over your beautiful body.
Now you tell me that you will prepare me as you tell me to
lay over the edge of the tub and I feel you shaving my ass and
spreading my cheeks to completely remove all my hair around my
asshole. After, you tell me to get on the floor and kiss your
feet and keep my ass in the air. I kiss your feet and you move
and I hear water running as you tell me that I have to be clean
inside and out as you prepare to give me an enema.You lub the
nozzle and unclip the hose a little to get the air out and
reclip it and slowly push the nozzle deep up into my rectum. All
of a sudden I feel the warm water flowing deep into my bowels
and start to cramp as you stop and rub my belly and continue
until I have taken the bag. Now you let me get up as you pull
the nozzle out and let me relieve myself as you stand there. I
am a little humiliated as you tell me that all my bodily
functions will be under your control and I will have to ask
permission every time I must use the toilet and never close the
door and of course when I will be allowed to cum. I am cramping
but I am not allowed to expel until you allow me and if I do I
will be severely punished. In fact you tell me that whenever you
have your period you will give me an enema and plug my ass with
a tampon to remind me of the pain you have and I say Of course
Mistress, anything you wish. You again order me down to take one
more enema. When you finish you tell me to again relieve myself
and you finally leave me sitting to make sure I have expelled it
all and after I will get in the tub and bathe myself as you have
some things to do for the ceremony.
When I have finished, you are dressed but have a small
carrier bag packed as you tell me to put a robe on and we go out
to the car and you tell me to get in back. There, you disrobe
me, slip a hood over my head and handcuff me to the armrest. I
am laying on the backseat, naked, handcuffed with a hood over my
head as you start to drive. I try to talk but you say shut up
slave and don’t say a thing now. After about 45 minutes, I hear
you turn in and drive down a dirt road for a while and you
finally stop. The door is opened and I hear other women’s voices
and am put in the wheelchair. I can see at the bottom of the
hood that it is dark and the hood is removed and replaced by a
I am wheeled a little ways and told to stand on my one leg
and realize I am standing next to something hard and cold about
waist high. I am told to sit on it and I am immediately pushed
down and realize I am laying on a cold stone like table and hear
several voices as my arm are pulled over my head and placed in
metal shackles and my leg is also shackled. I realize I am
laying naked and shackled on a stone altar and I smell a smell
like incense and realize that it is either candles or torches
Now I hear my mistress’s voice saying it is time for the
emasculation of this male slave to show female superiority, and
I hear several female voices say “and it will be done”.
My mistress begins to speak as I feel something cold as you
tell me if I feel the cold steel of a straight razor. I quiver
in fear as you trace the back of the razor all over my body,
even down to my cock and balls as you lift each up holding the
back of the razor first against my cock and then my balls. I am
quivering in fear but don’t dare move in case I make you slip,
not knowing that it is the back of the razor.. Finally you stop
and I feel my body being lathered and realize that my body is
being shaved by several women taking turns, even under my
armpits exposed by my arms shackled over my head. My body
actually feels cooler denuded of all hair as I hear you tell all
the women that you have brought large glasses and small shot
glasses with you and that each woman is to fill their large
glasses and a shot glass with pee.
There is a silence and then I hear the women returning and
my head is tilted up and I am told that I am to drink the golden
nectar from each woman as an act of submission and penance for
all the things that men have done to women. First one glass is
put to my lips and I drink it all and then another until I guess
about 6 but I have lost track. Now I hear my mistress say, now
as the owner of this useless slave he will drink all of mine as
you climb up, straddle my face and order me to open my mouth.
All of a sudden you start pissing and filling my mouth. I have
to close my mouth to swallow and open it again and feel your
warm pee also washing over my face and upper body when I do.
Finally you finish and tell me to lick you clean. When I do, you
turn around, spread your ass cheeks and order me to also pay
homage to your asshole. I can’t see anyone and am humiliated but
I lick all over your asshole and kiss it in complete submission.
you get down and tell the women that you will now place your
mark on me as your slave for everyone to see.
I am gagged and feel something very hot on my upper arm and
there is a sharp excruciating stab of pain as I yell but it is
muffled by my gag as you finish branding your mark on me, saying
to all that “he is completely mine!!” You tell all the rest of
the women that they now can take their lit candles and make
their own designs over my naked body with hot wax as a ritual to
the subjugation of all mankind toward women. All of a sudden I
start feeling a nominal amount of pain as I feel hot wax being
poured from the lit candles all over my naked body as different
designs are made by each woman. I am moaning at the pain but
being shackled, am at their mercy as this goes on for awhile.
Finally you say you must prepare yourself as you walk off
but I now hear some tape being pulled off and feel my denuded
penis being taped down over my balls. I am unshackled and told
by others to get off the altar and sit naked on the ground. You
come back and I hear you tell the other women that this is what
men have that makes them think they are superior, a cock. Look
at my slave, you can’t even see his now all taped up. You walk
up to me and tell me to open my mouth as you take the strap on
and insert it in my mouth telling me that I had better do a good
job as that is all the lube I will get as you are going to fuck
me also!!. I start sucking on the strap on, sometimes gagging as
you tell the other women that I don’t look like much of a man
now. Finally I am told to stand and lay across the altar and I
feel your strap on at my little hole and all of a sudden feel
pressure as it enters and you slowly push in until you have
shoved it all the way deep into my ass. My ass is hurting but I
don’t dare say anything as you tell the women that this is what
all men deserve, to be given a good fucking my women as you then
proceed to pull it out and then shove it in. You continue this
for a long time as I whimper and you fuck my ass calling it a
man pussy. You are even getting carried away and even have an
orgasm from the pressure on your clit from the strap on and the
enjoyment derived from fucking your slave.
When you finally stop, my asshole is gaping from the fucking
and I am turned around and the tape is ripped away from my cock
and balls with a sharp pain. I am told that I am now to amuse
all the women by jerking off and that I will cum on my
mistress’s feet which you will place there when I start to cum.
I have to play with my cock awhile as it is sore from the tape
being ripped off and finally I feel myself start to cum. I come
in spurts, lots of spurts as you haven’t allowed me to cum for
several days in preparation of this. Now you guide my head down
and tell me to lick your feet clean of my cum. I lick all over
the top off your feet until you are satisfied as you tell the
women that, that is what men are good for, licking up there own
cum. We only need it when we want it, not when they want it.
My head is still down as you tell me to raise my ass. My
asshole is still gaping slightly as you lift your foot and push
your big toe as far as you can into my asshole. Then you come
around in front of me and order me to now suck your big toe!! Oh
My mistress I so yearn to be your slave as I bend down, holding
your foot and suck your big toe that has been in my ass showing
complete subservience.
Now you tell the women that there is one more thing to do
for complete humiliation and degradation of this now worthless
male, but he is my slave and he does need to be humiliated in
front of whom ever I care. You now tell the women,” remember
that other big glass of piss you have” as my slave sits here,
each of you is to pour their big glass of piss over my slave in
the final act humiliation of manhood. My blindfold is still on
as I feel the first glass of piss being poured over my head,
then another and another until all have emptied their glasses
over me and I am soaked in female piss.
You now get a big towel and try to dry me off and then put
it over me as I am put back into the back of the car and you
wish all the women goodnight!!
On the drive back, I know I smell of piss, my arm hurts from
your mark, I have dried wax all over me, my asshole is sore and
my cock is sore from the tape but I am SO happy that I have been
officially made YOUR SLAVE !!!!
Respectively Submitted,
Slave Bob
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