All feels right after a session with Mistress

my eyes were shut. i was somewhere deep within myself, my mind floating somewhere between my solarplexus and prostate. The butterflies in my stomach and large plug in my rectum were protecting my mind from dissolving into a state of incredible bliss. Anytime i wanted to open my eyes, i felt the heavy, yet comforting weight on my eyelids from the silk scarf that had been wrapped around my eyes. my nose was filling with the spiced air from the perfumed scent of said scarf covering my eyes, so my senses were entirely confused. i had no idea what was about to happen, yet all felt right with the world…
We had eaten a dinner of food i could not remember, and not because of the wine i drank. i was there in physical form. But mentally, i had long since been transferred into another space. There i was, in a black suit, cut severely, pants a hair too tight and a smidge too short, but in that fashionable way where if it stood, my slender, yet muscled physique (as well as any obvious excitement i felt) would be clear and present. my shirt was starched and tight, and though wearing a deep purple tie, the top button of my shirt was unbuttoned on purpose as i had an inkling that my body would need the space to breathe.
And it did. You had invited me into a basement, which when i had entered, was entirely dark save a small, rectangular candlelit table in the corner. As my black dress shoes scuffed against the lacquered wooden floor, i carefully walked to the table, afraid of something that would be in the way, or obstructing my path. This felt too planned, too smooth, too easy, and too simple to just be a sensual dining experience between Domme and slave. i was afraid of both something and everything, though i should have realized that i ultimately knew nothing at all of what was to happen.
But there was the table. It was covered in a short, yet luxurious purple velvet tablecloth, with three tall, thin purple candled in a candelabra in the center of the table. The table settings were set, and a meal was there, with filled glass of riesling there, too. You were not there, and, unsure of what to do, i sat. Upon sitting, A door behind me slammed shut, and i heard You. “Close your eyes, slave, and don’t move a muscle.” i did as told, and You placed a blindfold over my eyes. From there, You whispered in my ear. “You are mine more than ever, tonight. From there, You collared me, and had me repeat after You. “i belong to You.” From there, i heard the collar lock, and immediately, my cock stirred in my pants. You immediately ran a hand down my chest and to my cock, squeezing it mightily. “Good.” A brief sigh emanated from my lips, as my shoulders slumped slightly. my body was assenting to Your control, as i felt both relaxation and excitement at this notion.
You then walked to the other side of the table, Your heels clicking against the wood. You sat, and upon sitting You commanded me to remove the blindfold. When my eyes adjusted, there You were before me, wearing a purple lace bra that matched the shade of my tie, Your bountiful bosom straining. i could see the outline of Your distended nipples against the fabric, and as You (seemingly unaware) stood and re-adjusted Yourself in the chair, i saw a matching set of panties. i felt an immediate swelling in my crotch and definitely the mix of wearing the tie and the collar around my neck suddenly became incredibly constricting.
As You sat, You locked eyes with me, and refused to let go. The air was still but saturated with the awareness that power and control were being given, received and presently used. my palms were sweating, my crotch was aching and my heart was pounding in my ears. You were speaking, but i was commanded not to speak. You spoke of commonplace things, like how the weather was too cold, Your days too long, Your dreams too broad, and Your goals being so close. i was calm and present, but my brain was just overwhelmed by Your control, Your intentionally half-naked body, the collar straining against my neck, and somehow maintaining an appetite while balancing everything else. In the midst of my mental whirlwind, my overactive mind was interrupted by Your voice.
“i would like to be entertained, slave.” As if being awoken, i stammered , “Y..y…yes Mistress… can i do that?” “Your shoes, socks, pants and underwear, slave. Stand in front of me, and take them off…slowly…i want to see that cock of yours.” “Yes Mistress.” i stood, and clumsily removed my shoes and socks and pants, with my purple bikini brief underwear remaining. my cock appeared grotesque against the fabric, my full erection straining for release. As i tucked my thumbs into my undergarments and slowly pulled them down over my thighs, my cock sprang forth, pointing forward and to the left at full eight-inch erection.
“Impressive, slave, now take off that suit jacket too, and sit back down, on the edge of your seat.” i sat as requested, and as You continued to talk, i heard Your heels hit the floor, as You continued to speak to me while Your feet began to carefully masturbate my cock. my erection still remained, as i began to find it more difficult to pay attention to what You were saying to me. Seeing my growing deliriousness, You changed the subject.
“Slave, i’m finished with My meal, and you are, too. Come here and sit at my feet.” i did as requested as You placed a leash at the end of my collar and had me carefully finish undressing, removing my shirt and tie. i was now naked and erect in front of You, as You then asked me what subjects we had talked about over dinner, and even moreso, what we had just eaten. Clearly, with my mind elsewhere, i could not answer. You then slapped me across the left cheek, and then slapped me across the right. “slave, everything i tell You is important, and i expect You to respect that!” “Yes Mistress,” i blubbered, tears welling in the inside corners of my eyes as i stared up at You with sorrow. “That was just a warning, and only a sign of the pain to come.” You grabbed my leash, and as i crawled behind You, You pulled a string, and the room illuminated. There was a St. Andrew’s cross in the middle of the room, and i knew that’s where i was headed.
So, there i was. my back was comfortable against the cross. i liked that. The bead of sweat that was rolling down my back felt good, as my senses were on fire. That bead had started at the back of my right ear, just as You had finished handcuffing each of my arms to the cross, then biting that same ear. It caused a flash of light-headedness, and made my stomach convulse. That felt amazing. That bead of sweat continued its way down my neck, and past the small of my back, which had just felt the outline of Your nipple, and had caused my back to stiffen with excitement. It then quickly rolled down to the small of my back, and was there as You had pulled on a rubber glove and were now roughly lubing my asshole. my back was comfortable against the cross because it was pressed against it, the lower half of my body levitating as You thrust a plug into my anus. my body surprised me with how quickly it welcomed the invasion, the stretching and closing around the plug being quick and relatively painless. The strange (and always alien) feeling of having my ass filled, when coupled with the excitement of before, left me laid against the cross, blindfolded, mind submerged in soul, ultimately emotionally and physically open.
You then grabbed my cock, and as it yet again sprang to a fully erect position in Your hands, You wrapped in in twine, separating the balls from the shaft, and trapping the blood in my cock. The process felt as though it took forever, my cock feeling weighed down not just with my unbearable need to cum, but with the added weight of being tied up. You stopped, and it seemed as though You were admiring Your handiwork. Then, i felt the heat of Your body come towards mine, and You pressed Your flesh against mine. Your breasts were heavy upon my chest, Your crotch warm against my now tied (and helpless) pelvic region. my breath heaved, as in my ear You whispered,” You are an alpha male in the rest of the world, but here, in My world. You are mine, and Your cock is mine, too. i want to tease You, torture You, make You feel for one time in Your life like You’re so small, and so in need. I know you know that pleases Me.”
“Yes Mistress,” i replied, my body overwhelmed on a physical and emotional level. You then stepped back, and ran a feather along my left arm, under my underarm, down my side and my leg, and along the top of my feet, causing me to buck and laugh. You stopped, and then sensually ran the feather up the inside of my left leg, and along my thigh, and the laughter was replaced by a low, deep moan escaping my lips. You teasingly allowed the feather to caress my thigh, and my cock began to jump, as if literally at the control of Your hands. As You ran the feather just beneath my stomach, that became completely obvious, my very erect and tied cock definitely under Your command. You repeated the same action along the right half of my body too, the head of my cock now covered in a thin coating of pre-cum.
my abdomen was in such pain, but i felt such pleasure. Even worse, every time my stomach contracted inward whether from breathing or stiffening with excitement, if would cause my ass cheeks to clench as well. The plug inserted in my rectum was making it’s presence felt, which would cause a wave of excitement (and sudden weakness) to head across my loins and down back into my hamstrings, through my shins, and directly into my ankles and toes. i was all Yours, knew it, and didn’t want You to stop. If this was making You happy, then this is what i wanted, too.
At this point, You sweetly kissed my left and right pec. The sweetness of the kiss was disconcerting, but when You immediately bit each nipple afterwards, the mood changed. From there, You carefully applied clamps to each of my nipples, The chain between them hung down to just above my belly button, and when You gently tugged, i immediately clenched my teeth and let out a guttural moan of pain. “Yes slave, that hurts. I want it to hurt. From there, You walked away and returned. You carefully affixed a weight to the chain. Immediately causing my nipples to be painfully pulled, i let out an “unggghhhh,” and You grabbed my still bound cock, which caused me to immediately stand on my tippy toes as a white hot pain seared from my cock to my brain. Of course, when followed by the pain of my weighted nipples being pulled in the tight clamps, my now opened mouth emitted something akin to a howl of agony. You released my cock, and as i slumped in an attempt to regain my faculties, You then told me to open my mouth, as You inserted a ball gag. “Slave, this is MY time for My pleasure. I don’t want to hear from you.” You tied the ball gag around my head, and grabbed my exposed balls (after first dragging Your nails over them carefully), i finally began to whimper. i was naked, blindfolded, bound, gagged and cuffed to a cross, and as much as my tears were from my own pain, somewhere not so deep inside of myself anymore, i knew that i was happy because i was bringing You so much pleasure.
i felt You then head behind me, Your perfumed neck next to my face, and as much as my body yearned to smell, i knew that even the slightest move would cause my nipples to be in agony. As You stood behind me, You licked the lobe of my left ear as You added a larger weight to the chain between the clamps. As my knees buckled in a pain i could not emote, You waited for me to carefully stand back up before putting Your left arm around my midsection (pulling the chain and causing me immense pain), pushing my rear end slightly to the right of the cross, and with Your right hand, slowly removing the plug from my rectum. i went to bend over to breathe a sigh of joy, calm and relief, but of course, when i did so, the weights pulled the clamps quickly, and hit with a flash of pain in the throes of pleasure, i laid back on the cross.
At this point, You stood in front of me. Amazingly, You set to unbinding my cock and balls, Upon release, they both felt hot and swollen, and as the blood rushed back to both extremities, so did my erection, which now felt painful and grotesque. As well, You then removed the weights from the chain between the nipple clamps, and i yelped in brief agony. As well, You undid the ball gag. Now, finally freed and able to breathe and compose myself, i was interrupted from re-acquainting myself with my faculties by a smooth, moistened and buzzing plug being placed in my rear end. The sensation was calming and totally relaxing, and though my cock was still pained from being bound, it still stirred towards erection.
“I’m going to undo the handcuffs now. you are to put your hands at your sides until told otherwise.” “Yes Mistress,” i said, attempting to sound coherent while being overwhelmed by so many joyous sensations. You then gently grabbed my very tended cock, and i felt a copious amount of lubricant being applied to it. You walked away from me, and as You returned, i heard the familiar click clack of heels along the wooden floor. Then, You reached behind my head, and took off my blindfold.
“marcus, you have pleased me. Now, I will allow You to please Yourself, while also being allowed to stare at me while doing so. However, you must ask to cum.” “Yes, Mistress.” i set about masturbating myself in front of You. You were beautiful in Your matching purple lace bra and panty set, with black leather heels. Touching myself was difficult, but i wanted to cum badly, if only still because You were allowing me to do so. Touching myself became this Shakespearean struggle, so much sweet sorrow. “Mistress, may i cum, please,” i asked in jagged breaths. “Yes, You may, You said, and as i proceeded to cum on the floor, Your right foot and leg were directly in the stream of cum. As i exhausted my load, You had to say nothing, as i immediately got down on my knees and set to licking. my last memory, was staring up at You, with deep devotion in my eyes and a tongue coated in my own semen. You smiled. All felt right in the world. .
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    • MIstress, what can i say? i know my role. i LOVE my role. It is an honor and privilege to serve You. 🙂

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