feeling girly by slave miles

Many times there is a gene screw up. They were born as a man but feel inside they are a woman, and want to be a woman. But they don’t want to go through taking hormones or have an operation.
However some will take hormones with the end result being an operation. While others will take the hormones to develop their breasts and make them feel both physically and psychologically. The changes hormones makes on the body are rather quick. However, the downside of taking hormones is not only increased breasts, but their penis gets smaller and smaller ending as a nub. If you are a male looking forward to large breasts and a decent size penis, you won’t find it, only on the peculiarity known as a she-male which can be construed as a derogatory, also known as a hermaphrodite, having both male and female sexual organs.
Though I’ve only been with one CD, from what I know, almost all want men. A few want a women as they enjoy fucking a woman but enjoy the company of a woman for dressing as a woman and exchanging ideas.
Some CDs are married and their wife doesn’t know. Which is unfortunate because cross dressing is part of themselves and something I wish more wives would be more accepting of. Because their wives do not know, makes it psychologically hard on the man plus where do they keep their clothes? In their cars? In a drawer hoping their wife doesn’t find them? At the bottom of their clothes closet behind something? It’s difficult.
Some are single and only want single guys. Some are gay and want to date and have a LTR long-term relationship with a guy. But there some CDs who only want a women.
They do not like to be addressed as CDs in chats, but in the feminine as she and her because they feel very feminine. Generally they are as other women are except they have a cock. They can be very sensitive. You must treat them as you would any women, gentle, tender, sensitive, sensual. They are there to find love, to love you, and be loved, or they are there as many of us are, for the enjoyment of sex and the pleasure of a body next to them. How nice.
Generally they are all bottoms and enjoy being fucked sometimes referring it as their pussy. They will suck you and be sucked. And some enjoy kissing, tremendously, however, some won’t, not at all.
Some will bring over several outfits or when you visit them, will have several to try on for you. If they cam, they will show you several outfits. They will ask you which outfits you like on them. They want to please you and satisfy you as much as I would hopefully, you want to please and satisfy them.
Though I’ve been with only one CD, it was as a 3some with another bimale who is a very sensual lover and a special friend. I enjoyed the time with her and plan to meet with her again.
For me to be with a cross dresser, she has to be smooth, a sensual woman, and a nice person that wears her clothes very nicely. It can be a warm, enjoyable, and pleasurable time with the right person for the both of us.
Before I meet with a CD, I chat with them to determine how sensual they are and what they expect from a meet with me. I enjoy removing their outer clothes and kissing them if they’d like, as I do with any other woman.
Before you decide a CD is not right for you, try to be open, chat with them, meet with them or bring a bifriend with you that has been with one before. They are people like everyone that has a body and feelings and wants to be pleased and please you. As with any man or woman you are in bed with, it can be a disaster, or it can be just ok, or it can be a super experience. As always, it will depend on the sexual skills of each partner, the connection, the sensuality of each.
Love and share your sensuality with others.
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