My explosion after the Saturday night session at the Fetish Flea

Okay, it is true, I did have an incredible session after the Fetish Ball this past Saturday. I do hope to post some of these pictures but, proper permission is currently being sought. Sometimes these things take time and it is important to Me that anyone involved feels comfortable. As all of you know, I don’t post pictures without permission. Although I certainly had permission to take them. πŸ™‚ Lucky Me (like anyone would say no to Me)
If there are subs who seek a session where pictures may be granted to be used and published on this website, please do email Me. I will see what I can set up. I am going into another major snowstorm in the next couple of days but I do feel as if Spring is on the way and I am certainly looking forward to it. I am looking forward to being able to travel, play, and seek new adventures.
After the Fetish Flea weekend, after My Saturday night session, after driving home – I was so incredibly horny. My itch may have been reduced but My pussy was seeking fufillment. See, this is the problem when there are no big dicks around to fuck. You get your kink out but now your body needs a huge orgasm quake and that really is only possible with a very large submissive cock who screws you like the real woman you are.
Lucky for Me, I understand this and I don’t go seek a little cock that does half that job. I mean, why bother?
But, when I got home, I was hungry, tired, My feet hurt, and I was horny. So, I invited My local sub, My well trained boy over to bring Me pizza. Which he did immediately. He, of course, has a cock even more tiny than slave coco’s six inch cock or the sissyboy we played with who had a three inch cock. REALLY!!! There are just too many small dick’s, it disgusts Me. But, never the less, slave b. boy brought Me the pizza I wanted when I wanted it.
Come to find out, slave b. boy had been naughty himself and was feeling very guilty and eager to please. What he did seemed not so bad in My mind’s eye but I was eagerly awaiting his worship of My entire body so I went with it. And with that guilt he had in his eyes, I commanded he worship My entire body starting from My feet (which were killing Me). And he did just that immediately. Eventually making his way up to My pussy where he didn’t need to go any further. The rest of My body was just fine. I was wearing My white silky nylons still on from the last day of the convention, My purple business attire dress, and purple alligator style heels. Slave B. Boy did not come up for air, just loving My scent. I eventually removed My nylons and he got right in there. This is when I realized what good training really does for a submissive. I consider him well-trained by Me and when he eats Me out and the long durations he spends on My pussy with his tounge, I realize he may just be the best at this so far. But that is because I trained him and he listened. I think a good hour went by, I kept cumming on his mouth and he kept licking Me dry telling Me how I “taste like a Goddess and no girl other than Me tastes the way I do”, that he is completely “addicted to My juices”, and how he “never wants any other pussy” no matter how many lovers I may choose to have that he would always want and desire My pussy juice because he “dreams of how I smell and taste every single night”.
πŸ™‚ Yes, well trained. Told you it can work.
See, alpha males can be taken down. You just got to know the way to touch them, deep down in their submissive soul.
With that, I pulled out the 9 inch thick dildo that slave b. boy actually bought to pleasure Me with because he is only 4 and a half inches and does not fuck Me. I made him fuck with that thing and he did, so soft and smooth, gentle, yet forceful and I just kept cumming and cumming all over that big 9 inch thick dildo and while he licked My clitoris, I came like that and right before My HUGE explosion – I removed the dildo quickly and put his face on My vagina and I came on his face probably like I have never done before. It lasted forever almost. About 35 minutes after that is when I allowed him to take a break. He kept licking and licking, very softly because I was so sensitive until I told him he could stop.
Mistress Lynne 3/11/14
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  1. Being completely honest here, but as Your slave, there’s nothing that makes my day easier to handle than tales of Your rapturous fulfillment. Even with words, You have a way of not just touching souls, but opening them as well. i appreciate that.

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