Enjoying this writing submission by a follow here. “The 25 Easiest Ways a Superior Female Can Easily and Effortlessly Control A Man”

Anyways, this installment is called “The 25 Easiest Ways a Superior Female Can Easily and Effortlessly Control A Man.” As you might be able to tell, I’ll list ways I’d personally find enjoyment from if a woman used any of them to take charge of my balls / cock aka manhood aka complete existence as a man….Enjoy…

To gain / maintain unquestioned and complete control over her male slave a dominant woman could:
1) Grab a man’s balls – 1 hand or two… heck, as little as 1 finger for poking or two for pinching is enough to have a man terrified, pulling away, and effortlessly broken down. She doesn’t even need to squeeze, but if she does she’s likely to hear some truly barbaric noises come out of his mouth. Men grabbed by the balls are 100% obedient for some undetermined period of time even after his mistress releases her hold on his testicles. However, if the powerful woman understands her true position as physically and genetically superior to the vulnerable and utterly weak / helpless males she controls, she can indefinitely hold his undivided attention and unquestioned loyalty as long as she maintains her hold on his balls. I’ve never seen or heard of a single man who expressed and sustained disobedience in any way shape or form while his testicles were within a woman’s hands who knew how vulnerable this made him. Rather than showing empathy for the man’s weak / exposed / dangling / useless / vulnerable / easiest way to show totality of a female’s dominance, a woman showing knowledge of how to use a man’s genitals to trick / deceive / fool him will end up in total and unquestioned control of not just his mind but also his body, and whatever the fuck else she demands while her tiny soft hands remain around the one part of a man’s body that reminds him of his position in life — on all fours, legs tied to a spreader bar, begging for his mistress to stop kicking his balls over and over so hard… he’s crying and begging and yet, he can’t even move to try and block it one bit…

2) Ultimatums — *Fantasy snippet* She laughs at him and says, “Fine, slave. I’ll stop crushing these balls with my hands and allow it to be more fair for you. I won’t exclusively use these balls to break and control you. I’ll do it even more simply. I’m going to tie you up and put a milking device on your cock. This state of the art torture tool can sense when you are close to orgasming and can be programmed to stop stroking and even slap your balls harder than I would have. You’re given a choice now…. You can feel the cum building and you might even get so horny you forget my next sentence. Slave, you WILL NOT CUM, or I will torture your cock post orgasm so badly that you cant decide whether to beg me to stop, or if you even deserve that mercy, or if you should be the good little bitch I’ve trained and beg me for more pain and humiliation, not because I’ve been too nice, but because a powerful woman doesn’t give a fuck or even ask if her slave’s balls are full or sore.

3) Sneaky reminders of the dominant woman’s immeasurable power and control. Forced to demonstrate exactly how lucky the undeserving slave is for Mistress May’s time in any way at all… “Instead, sissy stick, you’re happy to be allowed even in my presence and you fully believe the pleasure I’ve given to your eyes when I’ve allowed your pathetic sissy bitchness to see me any the other mistresses completely naked was undeserved. You’re right, you did nothing to deserve that priviledge. However, later, I am going to bruise and make your balls so blue that you’ll forget that you ever thought you were a man.

4) Orgasm denial / control / etc — “You’ll forget what it felt like to be permitted to get hard even. Tell you what, unless you convince me otherwise, I plan to kick your balls hard as I can 10 times as a test. Each kick you take still standing is one more time I’ll edge you before youre so close to ruined that I have to shove something down your sissy stick dick hole to make sure you dont get the satisfaction of a single drop leaking out of that bitch dicklet. I want you against that wall, hands on the wall with your feet shoulder width apart. I’m going to deliver a surprise kick to your nuts. Stay standing and I’ll rub your ballsies for 5 seconds to try and ease the blue ball feeling, but also to remind you that you used to be a man and to try and tease you with my feminine figure and soft skin, not to mention my sexy ass and titties in the lingerie you bought me. How does that dicklet feel now, slave?”

5) Lose-Lose Choices — “Does it feel like its soo backed up that you’d even feel relief if I forced an orgasm without pleasure by stimulating your prostate? What do you choose: some amount of a blowjob (i wont say if its one little air kiss I blow at your cock and laugh, while seriously reminding you that only real men get their dicks pleasured by me) OR making you walk around the absolutely most public places I can imagine with you leading my way, while you wear absolutely nothing more than your everyday outfit, which consists of the pink silicon chastity cage with the 1.97” ring and the metal lock that came with it.

6) Public humiliation — “Once that’s locked on comfortably enough for me to finally and eventually forget about the constant straining of my cock at its prison, you let me pick out the pair of panties I’ve been forced to buy publically and wear nothing but those two humiliating items (chastity to humiliate me supposed manhood, and panties to really seal the deal.).

7) Breaking him so thoroughly he contributes to his own destruction — “Mistress, I can not lie… you’ve made me incredible horny. I know I don’t deserve the privilege of cumming or even feeling a full erection, but I beg you for one further consideration, “Mistress, may I kindly request that you attach a short (maybe 2-3′) leash to one of the openings in my chastity cage so not only will my public appearance in cheeky women’s panties two sizes too snug (yet just perfect in the front for my otherwise pathetically tiny cock kept permanently flaccid, while my sissy balls are so tight that I’m begging for you to ice my balls before you kick them mercilessly. Instead you laugh and say, “Slave, you’re never going to learn.

8) Diminish the Slave — “Tell me that your cock is sore and you just want a boner. Tell me so pathetically that I start to care for one second before I surprise your balls with the swiftest kick you’ve taken. You’re on the floor, with two hands grasping the portion of your anatomy that can be defeated with something as benign as a pair of panties (or leggings / skirt / dress / blouse / anything women wear) or destroyed by something as serious as two complete years without a single orgasm nor erection.

9) Share the Sissy’s Predicament with other Women — “Slave, i wanted to tell you that today we will be auditioning five new potential mistresses for our growing group of former men who have decided that their most useful purpose is to be tied spread eagle and denied orgasm until the slave has “earned it,” not realizing that its just a trick to enact permanent tease and denial sessions.

10) Financial Control — “Slave, I want you to do something for me right now. I want you to answer 1 question… Do you enjoy my dominance over you, especially through destruction / denial / edging / laughing at / controlling / using as a source of unquestioned superiority? Yes, well then, tell me exactly how much you value it, I mean in terms of dollars and cents you plan to give me as compensation for my attention I’ve paid to your completely unworthy cock and balls. You have been incredibly fortunate to this point, but starting now, you will financially represent the control I’ve shown over your “manhood.” I initially demand monthly payments of $100, in addition to $5 per edge you’re given to tolerate, and $1000 each time I allow you to see any part of my naked body. By my calculations, you already habe racked up a debt of approximately $50k simply from me edging u and using my sexy pussy as a means of intensifying the feeling of frustration you will never avoid.”

10) Change the deal without consent… Because you can (if you experience resistance, repeat step 1… its flawless) “Let’s make a deal… if you want to continue seeing my naked body, you’ll pay up before the end of the week. If not, you’ll be blindfolded (unable to see me or my gfs) and our naked bodies will move throughout the room with you left to your imaginations and memory to try and torment your locked cock further. Any debates about the amount? **Y-ye—**

11) Use any opportunity to reassert control… its easy, fun, and all women’s destiny to control an otherwise physically imposing man with a tiny key that he’s purchased in his own sexual desperation… A key that controls his access to pleasure and renders him putty for her. “Slave, did I just hear you try to say something to me without addressing me as your superior? You’re gonna make sure you don’t ever forget my title again. Your assignment today is to hump this blow up doll replica of me until you’re pretty sure you’re going to cum inside that metal belt. Right then, I want you to stop humping your blow up mistress and present your balls.

12) Pretend that an Orgasm is a possibility…. even very remote…. but still possible: Now that you’ve got an idea in his head that if he follow some sequence correctly, he might be allowed to cum, he’s just forgotten all of the pain and control you showed him initially as you kicked and denied his balls orgasm. “As you teeter on the edge of cumming without relief inside of the chastity cage you’ve been sentenced to live in, my spiked boots (and all my gf’s assortment of bare feet, sandals, high heels, flats, wedges, and even gym shoes) would like to remind your pathetic sensitive little baby balls why they’re so easily taken control of. It really could’ve been accomplished with just the threats, but I wanted to make you scream again for the camera.

13) Blackmail / Sharing Slave’s Sissyhood with his family/ friends — “Oh, and by the way, say hello to the camera. I’ve got **Checks**… 74 live people watching right now. How deliciously orgasmic…. for me. Why don’t you ask one of the women from the audience to recommend some cruel way I can get you to both think you’ll be allowed an orgasm, while simultaneously hurting your manhood so harshly that you can’t sit, let alone get close to an orgasm, without sharp shooting pain inside of the ball’s that Mistress has kicked harder than ever before today.

14) Invite a friend — Wanna really see me become a bitch and a half? Demand that I meet you somewhere. Fine. I’ll be there. Get started solo as my one true (and imo, only) domme. Distract me or blindfold me, whatever you want, but tell me how wet your pussy gets when you see my face once I realize that I not only have Mistress May to worry about kicking my balls or chastizing me indefinitely or worse… permanently locking me away as a sign of unequalled power and my position of subservience and complete lack of male pride due to the use of my cock and balls as training tools for my complete obedience. “Slave, this is Mistress Jennifer. She’s got a real sick desire to see how far she can push your willingness to submit, simply by stretching out the length of your cock locking. Got it? Now, I didn’t ask for your opinion… I’ve already decided that I’m forcing you to participate. remember that time I locked your cock in a metal chastity cage that you never had a key to? Well, that’s the exact moment and reason why you’re a sissy wanna be man. You’re so pathetic that you’d allow me to lock some metal device onto your former manhood that now does not allow erection and can shock or please your cock depending on the mood of the truly wicked dominant woman you’ve trusted with the remote. She sits on your face; you feel her wet panties soaking through. You’re unable to see anything besides her ass cheeks as she sits on your face for about 2 hours, the entire time, directing your tongue for her sole pleasure and occassionally reminding the slave that not only is he a sissy, sorry excuse for a man, but that his cock, his former source of male ego and pride, has been locked so securely that he may not be permitted true release for many months. If he’s opposed to that schedule his mistress determined for him, he is more than welcome to plead his case to the women… with the distinct understanding that if his appeal is denied, he will be doubly controlled / humiliated / locked / ballbusted / length of sentence doubled / pay for Mistress May quadrupled / and the length of time with her stilletto heel resting a majority of her thin frame directly onto my right nut.

15) Laugh at the slave’s dire predicament — “Slave, should i take my weight off of the spiked heel I have into your right nut right now? **”P-Pl-pl….”** “Slave, it sounds like you are trying so very hard to say please step on both of my nuts, because I deserve even worse…. You’re so very fucking right, bitch. You’re tied unable to move and your little tiny ballsies are stretched out onto the table in front of you. Needless to say, as a cruel, dominant superior woman, I get wetter and wetter in my pussy each time I hear your moan as my weight shifts and pinches another area of your nut.

16) Make decisions for the slave that he has no control over — “I’ve decided that your pain makes this so much fun. Why don’t you tell me how very badly this hurts you so I can get a good laugh in and make sure to truly drive home the fact that your balls have zero value for me in any capacity besides as a tool for enforcing respect, good behavior, and as cruel torture implements to be used on useless men who otherwise would not be fucking any women anyway…. Oh, by the way, I didn’t want you to think that you’re begging to me for mercy because I would actually grant it. You’re begging to me like that because I am recording your every move and this will make great blog footage.”

17) Shopping Lists — Slave, you’re ordered to go shopping for this list of items I need. I want you to do it in your cutest little pair of panties you can find. While you’re out, why don’t you go ahead and get me and each of the girls (the 12 total girls, including MMW, that I am pledged by my balls and chastity key to serve without hesitation. Ultimately, MMW is my one true keyholder, but she loves sharing my key with her other powerful Dominant Women and forcing me to try and figure out who has the key through riddles, hot/ cold on my chastity cage remote (pleasure / vibration = warm; shock / pain = cold).

18) Displays of power — *She simply continues striking his balls. silently even* One simple, powerful way to build fear inside a wanna be man? Don’t say a single word to him and continue to kick, smash, tease, hurt, laugh at, tie up, step on, rub enticingly, and make the slave sit on for big laughs and the ultimate humiliation of an unfortunate slave who has accepted his treatment as what he’s due for being a “man,” yet being blessed with a cock too small for any woman to look at it and get aroused. He’ll be begging for any possibility of escape, meanwhile there isnt one or even a chance at escape…. his balls are your property until they go sterile or until MMW decides they are no longer worth the hassle of controlling completely via a key she’s nearly lost dozens of times.

19) Challenges — “Slave, I want to challenge you to a contest. I’m so fucking horny right now from holding the leash to your ball sack and cock cage through the mall for the last two hours while you helped us completely as we found outfits to wear on our upcoming vacation. I want you to fuck that blow up doll that I had you buy to look like me. I want you to cum before I do, while I rub myself and use this vibrator. If you win, you regain control over your manhood and dictate your own orgasm schedule. If I win, you’re no longer in control of when / if you’re allowed / able to cum ever again. I’ll randomly select dates for your release, maybe 5 total between now and the date I’ve chosen to review / update the terms of this agreement. In the next five years, you’ll be allowed five releases from that belt and you’ll be thoroughly cleaned and reminded of the punishment for even so much as touching your unlocked cock a single time… Don’t tempt me. I’ve been dying to break a bitch boy’s chastity key off inside the lock before really solidifying his future with an entire tube of super glue squeezed slowly and accurately into the locking mechanism. Bet you wish you didn’t try and act like a real man…. because you aren’t. You’re my forever chastity sissy bitch boy. You do what I say, how and when I say to do it. If not, no big deal, I’ll just walk straight up to you and instantly grab a handfull of pathetic baby balls.. Without much need for convincing, I squeeze and twist just enough for you to scream “alright, ok. I’ll do whatever you want…. just please let go.” You say, “Good enough. Anything huh? We’ll make sure you’re regretting that wording for years.”

20) Encourage chaste slave to try and get dates into romantic situations and then film / record the woman’s reaction when she learns that not only is he a sissy bitch, but also the fact that MMW has got a lock securing his virginity, even though no women were actually interested in fucking him. Eventually, as MMW laughs, gripping slave’s balls and adding items to her shopping wish list, she admits to slave bitch that the woman on the blind date was MMW’s friend who was in on the whole thing. MMW laughs so devilishly (and it makes slaves cock twitch and his heart sink simultaneously) that slave bitch starts feeling his baby dick tickle and try to get hard in the custom metal forever home that was designed to be only slightly larger than slave’s smallest achievable size, a decision that MMW insisted upon due to the fact that Slave’s balls would be the primary source of control, despite the fact that MMW had a key to his manhood and nothing more than engrained fear over her treatment of his balls.

21) Slave & Mistress Vacations — “Slave, you’re so nice to buy me this week in the Bahamas. You’re even nicer for allowing me to bring the entire Castle’s worth of Dommes. All 10 of us bitches of women and lovers of male suffering will have so much fun finding local guys to fuck us right. I want you to be the full time camera man, documenting the entire trip. Anytime the ladies feel like utilizing your cock or cock cage or balls or anything related, MMW will take the camera from you, tie you up hands and feet to the bed frame, before inflicting sexual pain and frustration that Slave will be humping the air to relieve.

22) Embarass Slave bitch by exposing his patheticness — “Slave, I want you to tell me how very badly you wish I’d remove that chastity prision around your baby pee-pee. Beg me, in fact. If you’re convincing, I’ll unlock you right now and deep throat ur cocklet (or try…. you might get to my tongue, but probably no throat, since you’re obviously ((and also public acknowledged)) as a pencil dick who loves having his bitch balls bashed and his tiny cock kept flaccid as reminders of the one who controls your useless male genitals — which ever powerful, horny, empowered woman MMW has given the little silver key to my freedom to for the week.

23) Humiliate more — “Slave bitch, put this on. It’s a blindfold for you. Now get into my trunk. We’re going out and you’re coming with. But I don’t think you deserve a seat inside the car. The trunk will have to do. Any complaints and you can consider your next option the roof rack bag we put your other belongings in and purposely asked people to look through for items they’d like. We showed this bus full of college Volleyballs Bitches the bag and they raided your panties and booty shorts it looks like, So, we’re gonna find the closest intimates store for pretty women to show off their feminine bodies… and also for bitch slaves such as your self to remind the whole world that you’re not only denied the right to an erection, but you’re such a bitch (my bitch too!) that I’ve picked a pair of panties and made u buy them for the simple fact that they’re girly, tight, and your tiny dick cage doesn’t bulge out at all. The tiny pink silicon prison for your pee pee fits snugly into women’s underwear. That should tell you just how well endowed your former excuse for male pride is viewed by women when you’re foolish enough to show it publically.

24) Small Penis Humiliation — “Slave, my friend Jennifer just thought of something. Get against the wall and secure yourself into the hands and foot restraints. I want a good HD up close film for humiliation purposes and blackmail too, of a woman laughing uncontrollably with her best friend as they use a ruler to determine how pathetically small your dick is. In it’s forever home, your cock doesn’t even measure 1 full inch. Now how sad is that? Who cares what your measurement is erect? You’re never going to be allowed to get hard, so that’s useless information. You’re going to be known as ‘Baby penis loser’ and you will beg each and every one of the 10 women who rotate control of your key and therefore life to torment your lack of length or girth regularly. If you want a woman from the Domme Dungeon to consider even letting you free to try and get hard, you’ll be sacrificing something in return. What will it be?”
“Uhhh… I’ll give up any chance, no matter how small or non-existent it was, to orgasm ever again in my lifetime. I know you were probably not going to allow me to orgasm, but now that I’ve traded any potential future orgasm for the right to be allowed hard one last time and to feel freedom one final time.

25) Trick slave using his uncontrollable helpless urge to fuck anything — Each six (6) months, slave is given a review of his behavior. Slave is graded solely on: 1) pussy worship (quality + quantity + desire), 2) Obedience (absolutely none tolerated, even remotely), 3) Demonstrated mushy-ness — The more unable to control his speech or behave normally, the stronger the effect he’s experiencing on his manhood’s destruction.

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