a dogs life – by submanct

The buzzer from the washing machine went off so i hurried to get MISTRESS LYNNES clothes, I needed to get them dried and folded, as i was taking clothes out i noticed that one of her jeans had a bleach stain on them, I panicked, i tried to get it out but to no avail, i know that i would probably be beaten for such a mistake. I stalled as much as i could but it was inevitable that i had to tell MISTRESS.
I came downstairs, MISTRESS LYNNE and Princess were seated at the table talking, I stood in doorway and Knelt, i knocked on door frame, MISTRESS glanced over, “may i have permission to approach MISTRESS LYNNE” “you may slave ” i crawled to her feet. “permission to speak MISTRESS” “you may speak but you better have a good reason to interrupt me slave” MISTRESS, i made a mistake” “go ahead and explain slave” I told her about the bleach on her pants, Princess chimed in, “i told you he was useless ma, if it were me id beat him senseless” “please don’t beat me Mistress it was an honest mistake” She looked at me sternly, “i do not accept mistakes slave, how hard is it to do laundry, your useless and i have no more use for you” i bent down to kiss her heels, “please MISTRESS i need to serve you please” “no, you had your chance i’m going to banish you to barn for hard labor with rest of the losers” “please please NO” “stop begging, ill tell you when to beg” she looked at her daughter, “would you like to put him in barn” “yes i would” She jumped up, i continued begging. As PRINCESS was leading me out i heard MISTRESS stop her, “wait, i have an idea bring him back here” PRINCESS led me back.
“Since you obviously can’t be a competent house boy i have another idea for you” “yes anything MISTRESS, anything to stay near you” she smiled, “well i was thinking we need a pet around here, a human pet” ” a pet MISTRESS” “yes a pet, a dog, so im demoting you to dog status” “dog status” i asked inquisitively “yes you will be our dog, you will be treated like a dog and you will act like a dog at all times” I remained silent as i thought about this new humiliation. “You will begin immediately, or i can just have Princess put you in barn and you’ll never see me again” “no no, please ill be your dog if i can stay near you” “very well, Princess will put you in the closet for now until we prepare your new position, if you perform well i may consider promoting you back to house boy”
I was locked in closet and awaited her return. Not sure how long i was in there but it probably was hours, The door opened up, my eyes needed a moment to adjust, Princess ordered me to follow her, Mistress was waiting with collar and leash. She bends down, “ok slave once i attach this collar you are my dog, i want you to act as a dog, no more talking, only barking, at anytime if i feel your not acting accordingly i will banish you understand” “yes Mistress” She had me strip naked and attached the collar and leash.
My new role was underway, MISTRESS led me to back room, there was a cage set up, outside of cage was 2 dog bowls, my new life just sunk in, she was seriously going to treat me like a dog. MISTRESS and PRincess were standing there, “so honey what would you like to call our new dog” “lets see, fido, no Benji, no hmm how about bonehead, he looks like a bonehead” “very well bonehead it is” Mistress squatted and rubbed behind my ears, “you’re a good boy aren’t you bonehead” “ruff ruff ruff” “good boy” the ladies laughed at their new pet. They went back in the other room, i followed like a dutiful pet. They sat down, i laid at their feet. Just then a fire truck went by, i jumped up on all fours and crawled to window and barked loudly, “ruff ruff ruff ruff” Mistress Yelled, “bonehead come here boy” she snapped her fingers, i came crawling, she rolled up a newspaper and whacked me, ” bad doggy” I whined and laid back down. Everytime one of them rose i would jump up and follow.
The next few hours i was adjusting to my new life, Dinnertime was approaching, MIstress snapped her fingers and i followed her to cage, “dinner time doggy” “ruff ruff” Suddenly another slave appeared, apparently the one who took y place as the houseslave. He had a can of alpo in his hand, Surely MISTRESS was not going to make me eat dogfood i thought, i watched in horror as she ordered the slave to pour it into bowl, he then poured some water into other bowl and was dismissed by MISTRESS. She smiled and looked at me, “you don’t look excited bonehead” Ruff ruff ruff , “well get used to it you will eat dogfood from now on, unless i decide to give you some scraps from table” she pointed to bowl I approached, the smell was awful, i bent down and started eating, My new life was in effect, she said “good boy as she left>
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