Day in the office with Mistress Lynne

It was a typical monday at work, i was adressing my employees at the staff meeting. Being in charge i had to be a prick sometimes. “people, production was down last week and if you guys want to keep your jobs youll get your asses in gear, do i make myself clear” i waited a second, “DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR ” they answered yes. “good now you will all work overtime this week to make up for it, so get to work people, except for you LYNNE, i need to see you in my office” “yes Mr Jones” She answered,. a couple of the employees said good luck to her as they thought she was in trouble. I went to my office and LYNNE followed.
We walked in, the shades were drawn already and i locked the door. LYNNE turned and faced me. I quickly knelt and kissed her boots. She looked down at me, “good boy tiny, now crawl over to my desk” “YES MISTRESS LYNNE” it was actually my desk but when she was in my prescence everything was hers. She walked over and sat in my chair , kicked her boots up onto the desk. I crawled to her, head bowed, “you were pretty harsh in there tiny” “sorry MISTRESS LYNNE, you know of course i wasnt talking to you” “of course not, we both know your a pathetic loser with a small penis whos good for nothing” “YES MISTRESS LYNNE” “in fact i want to be disgusted so let me see that little splinter” i quickly began stripping. She sighed, “QUICKER tiny, i dont like to wait” “YES MISTRESS LYNNE” i stripped completely and went to kneel but she motioned me to stand at attention. With her feet still kicked up she grabbed my pointer and began flicking my penis, “where is it slave” She laughed, “its there MISTRESS” she poked me in the balls and i hunched over, “are you calling me a liar slave, i dont see it” “no MISTRESS im sorry” “thats better” She flicked it back and forth, “maybe i should get a microscope its so tiny” i stood still.
She stood up and circled me, she whispered in my ear, “your so pathetic, your not a man, your a pathetic scum, your not even good enough to be a slave with that thing, ill use one of my slave to please me later and it wont be you,” She slammed the pointer down on the desk startling me, “tell me how pathetic you are” “MISTRESS LYNNE i am so pathetic and a loser, im sorry you have to look at me and my small cock” She laughed, “AGAIN” she yelled, i repeated it. She sat down and crossed her legs. “on your knees tiny” I knelt, “since your a good for nothing loser who cant please me you will serve me a different way, you will come over and clean, scrub my toilets, do my laundry and so on and i expect production is that understood, do i make myself clear” throwing my words back at me. “YES MISTRESS LYNNE” “good, thats all your good for anyway, now lets discuss this overtime thing” “yes MISTRESS LYNNE” “im not working overtime, in fact i will be leaving early everyday” “but MISTRESS how do i explain that” She smacked my face, “are you talking back mr no dick” “no MISTRESS, im sorry” “good, besides its not my problem its yours, maybe ill call all the employees in and show them your little penis” “No please MISTRESS LYNNE” “im tired of looking at you, get under the desk and lick my boots thats all your good for” “YES MISTRESS LYNNE”
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