Crying out for guidance and discipline

Mistress Lynne,
I am very impressed with your website and blog-I love them. I am a 42 year old single white male. I am a novice really but I am very submissive and my curiosity in Female Domination has been developing for some twenty plus years. I have only acted on my deep-rooted desire to be dominated by a women a few times in my life. As I get older and the desire increases I feel more of an urgency to confess my true submissive nature and seek out a female authority figure. I know that acting on my submissive desires with someone who understands the powerful conscious and unconscious lure that female authority has over me will be very rewarding. I know something in me is crying out for guidence and discipline. I yearn to surrender and I long to embrace my submissive feelings. I would be very intersted in knowing more about your writting assaignments.
at Your feet,
Slave Onan
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