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These are the ways you can generously support Me and this website.

It is appreciated it !

1. Click here – Mistress Lynne’s Amazon Wish List

2. I have a account. This is a very simple way to instantly transfer cash from your debit card to mine. Then will send Me a direct immediate text that I received your money. HERE IS THE LINK TO DO THAT – It is very easy to use.

3. You may also send an Amazon gift card of any amount to the following email HERE IS THE LINK TO DO THAT

3. Contact Me if you have a unique idea or way to help. I am always open for a good negotiation. I am also available everyday to anyone who wants to pay for something over the course of My day and if you text Me and offer to pay for let’s say “lunch” (as an example), I can make sure that happens. (972) 885-9663

4. You can contribute with cash, just call Me at (972) 885-9663 and I will walk you through it.

5. Always looking for posts related to male submission, stories, pictures, articles, etc. Please feel free to submit anything to My email below for consideration.


7. I AM AVAILABLE, for paid chat, to write your fantasy for money, for paid talk, I will even IGNORE you if it benefits Me. But, I am not available otherwise!!! I am very busy, I do not stop unless motivated to do so. (972) 885-9663

All Other Inquiries

Yahoo Messenger ID @MistressLynne777

FETLIFE ID @MistressLynne777

Please email Me at

Call/text (972) 885-9663 (best to text first)




Phone/text – (972) 885-9663

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7 thoughts on “Contact & Support

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  2. Long Live Goddess Lynne,Long Live Goddess Lynne,Long Live Goddess Lynne,Long Live Goddess Lynne, Living Life as Goddess Lynne’s dog is better than living like a man.
    She is the only Living Almighty in the Universe.
    Serving the Almighty is living meaningful life.
    I shall build Goddess Lynne’s she church & serve as priest worshipping all her heels full time,chanting prayers,lighting candles is the only way of serving Her Highness living Goddess Lynne.
    Am proud 2 live as Lynne’s dog.
    Long Live My Almighty Powerful Supreme Owner Goddess Lynne.
    Bow my head beneath her heels,lick,clean,hug,love respect,chant prayers,worship my Superior Goddess Lynne.
    I shall carry her heels on my head with full respect,walk on my 4 beside her with pride.
    Come join worship Goddess Lynne & seek her feet blessings.

    • Yes I agree Tommy, Living life as Lynne’s dog is great experience & once in a life time chance to serve her as personal toilet

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