These are the ways you can send Me money to support what I do.

1. I have a account. This is a very simple way to instantly transfer cash from your debit card to mine. Please send funds to $MistressLynne777 through – It is very easy to use.
2. You may also send an Amazon gift card of any amount to the following email HERE IS THE LINK TO DO THAT
3. Contact Me if you have a unique idea or way to help. I am always open for a good negotiation. I am also around and about and if you text Me and offer to pay for let’s say “lunch” that day, I can also make sure that happens. (972) 885-9663
4. You can contribute with cash, just call Me at (972) 885-9663 and I will walk you through it.
5. Always looking for posts related to male submission, stories, pictures, articles, etc. Please feel free to POST HERE anything you wish to see live on this blog. Or email
And lastly, READ MY BOOKS ON AMAZON. They are free with kindle prime.
All Other Inquiries
Please email Me at
Call/text (972) 885-9663






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7 thoughts on “Support

  1. Not sure why these ppl or “slaves” are serving you. To be honest you’re a 5 (at most). I’m a man and I absolutely don’t find you attractive, but I guess some people are too desperate lol

    • Afran, Thank you! FInally someone who knows the truth! I am just NOT that attractive! why do these “ppl” serve me? This is a question I also would like answered….. 🙂

  2. A true Goddess is not defined by numbers. Mistress Lynne is a true Goddess and is beautiful in all form. She could gain 30 more pounds and I would be lucky to worship her breasts, her beautiful sweet pussy, legs, thighs, waist, feet…… She is a Goddess. Imagine a life without worship to a Goddess?! It would be a sad life indeed.

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