10 thoughts on “Slave CoCo gets Feminized and Tortured

  1. Mistress Lynne I am intoxicated by your command over me. I never want to experience orgasm without your permission and at your feet. You have changed me forever. There is no humiliation I won’t undergo to be near you. It’s your world and im here to make your life full of comfort and pleasure. Thank you again for all of my Mistress cocktails. I wished the last one under blindfold would never end

  2. Mistress Lynne is such an erotic force. Her eyes can penetrate your soul and force you to your knees. She hardly needs to say a word, her command is without words, I would willing dress as a girl and take unlimited pain for her personal pleasure. These pictures are an amazing. I am jealous.

  3. I was indeed a very very lucky slave boi. I now do what I am told. I am Mitress Lynne’s property to use or dismiss. I am most comfortable in a world where I am incapable of disobedience to my Goddess. I promise to be a good boy. I will debase myself for Mistress Lynne at her will. She is amazing

  4. I am very jealous and wish I could have been in Hartford. Submission is in my blood. It is naturally in my psychological make-up.

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