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Chastity on a man is incredibly sexy!!!!!!! It is absolutely, by far, one of my most favorite forms of control. There are just so many benefits to male chastity and it can help in almost all situations.

I believe that men have been ruled by their cocks since puberty and, for many, having a cock gives them a sense of power and control in and of itself. Just the act of penetrating a woman with a cock is a form of domination. Having to cum takes over a man and he is makes bad decisions, masturbates constantly, or is always seeking sex where he is satisfied but not always the other way around. Being a “man” brings on feeling of needing to have success in your life, to take care of your family, to be all that people expect from you daily from your work, home, and family life.

It is no wonder so many successful, good looking, happy, well-adjusted men feel an intense need to give up all power and control to a Dominating Woman. They will take the pain, be humiliated, serve ultimate pleasure, become a doormat, lick their own cum off the floor, be forced into ass-play, clean the house, drink piss, be made fun of because their dick is small, dress up as a girl, get kicked in the balls, lick an asshole clean, watch a man with a much larger dick penetrate a beautiful girl and then lick her clean, sometimes even be forced to take a rather large cock in their mouth, and, as if this isn’t enough, let’s not forget licking shoes clean. There’s more, but you get the idea. And with all this, with a Domme, most likely you WILL NOT be allowed to cum. You having to cum is of absolutely no concern to the Mistress. Not the good ones anyway.

I believe what chastity training and orgasm denial does is train a man to become more in control of his overall life. It works for people in different ways. Depending on the individual situation, it really can completely change a man. I mean that. I have seen such great results in individual lives, in marriages, in long-term bdsm relations, in long-distance or online Domme situations, and just when men decide they want to try it all on their own.

When your cock is caged, you become a very different man in your mind. No longer can you just masturbate, get a woman at a bar to suck on your dick, or even have sex with your lovely wife. Your ability to cum becomes the ownership of someone else, whomever you choose to give that right too. It will now be your responsibility to EARN you way out of your cock cage. This situation sets up a whole new dimension to your ultimate satisfaction.


Mistress Lynne

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16 thoughts on “Chastity Training

  1. Mistress you are so right in what you say about chastity. Most men, and very much including myself spend so much time and energy searching for that orgasm through masturbation or hitting on women that it takes up precious time that could be spent on more productive things.

    The more I read your website, the more I admire you.

  2. I am regularly placed in chastity. During those times that I am, I am QUITE in tune with what my Mistress wants, and needs. I focus more on her, than myself without question. When I am released, I am usually rewarded initially with what one might call a ruined orgasm…

  3. I agree with your words of wisdom Mistress Lynne. Having to cum does take over a man and makes him make bad decisions and constant masturbation. That has been my life.

    I find now that I am in chastity at Your command I have more energy and zeal to make better decisions. The sexual energy that is spent on orgasm can be channeled into working hard and worshipping all of Womanhood. I thank You.

  4. hello i am not overly experienced in chastity, but some would label me as a sissy crossdresser. do you think its possible for a male to be more productive in their life locked in chastity, even if there is no keyholder (ie no mistress or master) controlling this person?

  5. I agree with you Mistress Lynne – When my Wife and I started a D/s relationship I reluctantly agreed to wear a cb. 2 Years later whilst I still struggle wearing a cage it has been a great tool for me to learn submissiveness to my Wife/Domme

  6. I am very new to this and just turned 18 but i like being dominated and I think I would love to be under your chastity control!

  7. Dear Mistress Lynne, I am very interested in this discussion and am enlightened by Your words. I really do waste so much time masterbating and looking to pleasure myself, instead of concentrating on what is important and what I should be doing to be useful and pleasing.

  8. As a man I know what it is like to be locked in chastity and have to beg and submit to get release. It is a fantastic way to live and I am glad I submitted to this.

  9. I was curious I am a new be and I am curious would you like to own me and 24-7 and soforth I am just a single man 43 no girl friend from Hillsboro Illinois plus no money would oyu like to own me I am nice friendly kind and lot more Ii would do ny thing for you trust me ok Mistress Lynne thanks sign fred

  10. I agree witch is why my clitty is locked up for all weman kind so I can not enter them and they know I’m a bitch

  11. I want nothing more then to be in chasittiy I am a sissy bitch I need chasittiy even if it means permanent so other females know I am a sissy

  12. I have never been in chastity but I fantasize about being locked up and having to do something humiliating to get the key.

  13. Combining chastity training with cbt is the ultimate in male submission to a Dominant female. I would love to submit to you Mistress Lynne

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