5 thoughts on “Break in that New Strap On

  1. Thank you Baby Girl.

    I would just love to have you break in your new strap on inside my ass.


  2. I much prefer being used by a woman with a strap on, as it is often larger that a male cock, it never goes soft, and she always takes longer than a male to reach orgasm.


  3. Oh, and by the way Baby Girl, you are exceptionally attractive, and I can think of no grater privilege than to be your slave for you to use for your pleasure in any way you may wish.


  4. Baby Girl.

    If I were your slave, please tell me just how you would enjoy using me.

    Thank you.


    • yourstouse, I am the assistant baby girl to Mistress Lynne. i am actually submissive and just as submissive as all the sub boys here to Mistress Lynne. I do what She tells me to do. Thank you for all the compliments.

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