On Belladonna and the submissive ideal…

Just like anyone reading this, you probably heard of Belladonna in the past, as i did. She was the girl who famously had a baseball bat inserted into her vagina, and was a superstar in the most depraved of arts, the world of gonzo pornography. When i discovered her, i was in the middle of a sexless relationship, mainly because i knew i needed more, but didn’t know exactly how to define exactly what i needed. However, upon watching a few Belladonna clips, i discovered that she was – similar to me -unhinged, uninhibited and unafraid. Upon taking a look at her performing her craft (and one scene in particular), i immediately decided (again) that being a submissive was the new ideal goal of my sexual life. As well, in being a submissive, in Belladonna, i found a muse.

i watch pornography for everything but the sex. It
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