Beautiful Divine Goddess

Oh Mistress Lynne, Most Beautiful Goddess; how may i best Serve You this day?”
sexy slave, melbourne, australia.
Dear Mistress Lynne,
i was absolutely overjoyed to receive Your Reply to my letter and my heart is doing cartwheels at reading Your Acceptance and Approval of my worship. i am both happy and proud that You have posted this worship on Your Wonderful a besotted submissive male, i feel my purpose is to Serve and to be of use to You, and so humbly Beg Mistress to use anything i write in any way She sees fit..
Oh Beautiful Goddess, once again i am feeling a knotted stomach and intensity of slavish desire as i gaze at Your Photographs, and Your Glorious Superiority becomes increasingly IMPORTANT to me..i am lighthearted and very very NERVOUS Mistress as i now kneel ‘Before You’ to BEG that You might honour me by regarding me as Your slave, Your servant and disciple from this day forward..
Mistress Lynne, You are so very Beautiful. You Deserve a stable of devoted male underlings all around the world! How deeply, and earnestly i hope my beseeching request for Your Regal Superior Influence in my life is met with favour..
In Adoration and Respect
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