Author Midori at the Fetish Flea

The best part of the Fetish Flea weekend, for Me, was when I introduced “Midori”, a famous author in the community. Her Saturday morning class had close to 300 people and, of course, I was to introduce Her. What an honor!
Makes Me look forward to writing and publishing My own book series.
So, for the first time in My life being at and volunteering at the Fetish Flea, I got up on center stage and introduced an incredibly well supported dominant woman and much read author in front a very large crowd. I was just happy the whole crowd laughed at My introduction. phew….
After Midori, I had the pleasure of introducing a few incredible speakers over the weekend. I certainly look forward to doing this again next year. A pleasure to meet everyone there, such an incredible team who remain funny and light witted throughout the stress. I love that.
Mistress Lynne 3/10/14

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