As ordered by Mistress Lynne – response to St. Yegg 3


Mistress Lynne, You almost got it perfectly right, though i think You missed a writing about a number of things of the our long session that i wanted to share with Your community. My time spent as a subslut with You so inspiring to Me, i want to tell more.
i was very shy and reticent; You were initially sweet and kind to me, but then You tired of my uncertainty, anxiety and fright about doing what i was required to do for You. You started speaking in much more directing and insisting terms to me, and when i was still hesitant, You used Your right hand to slap my face, then the back of the right hand, then the left and finally the back of the left. i was reeling from the blows, especially those with the left hand (You must be a lefty, i thought), but You gave me no quarter, no opportunity to regain my composure. You told me to stand facing the purple wall and to put both hands on the wall. Then, You reached around my waist and undid my belt, letting my trousers fall to my ankles. With one hand You lowered my jockey shorts and with the other You delivered a hugely stinging blow to my rear with a pointer of some kind. I cried and You told me in unmistakable terms not to be an effen crybaby. You sat down on the couch and put me – by then completely naked – and gave me the OTK spanking of my life. Then, You relaxed a little and seductively began fingering my ass. You got one finger in and stretched me out, then two and finally You had three fingers partially inside of me. You laughed. You smiled, and You joked with me that i would have no trouble “tonight” (that night) fulfilling the ultimate assignment You had in mind for me. You had me sit on a butt plug which was on a nearby chair, lifting up and down on it so You could see that the butt plug was fully attached to me. You took out a dildo and had me kiss it, then lick it and finally suck it. i reached up to hold it while You did that, and You objected to me use of my hands. You decided to tie my hands to the lower part of the chair. You called in the four individuals You had chosen, and You told them each to begin playing with himself and when each was hard to step right up and feed it to me. You said You wanted to see me suck, deep throat and swallow all of the medicine You had prescribed for me. Each one did as he was instructed and they, in machine gun order, each shot a load of consequence into my mouth, indeed, the first one of Your slave stunts made two deposits, which i know made You particularly happy. Later, You took me off of the chair and had me lie on the massage table, while all 13 (the 4 originals and 9 others) took another chance. But, this time, the success ratio was nowhere near 100%. Many of them faked orgasmic relief. They proved to be small dick dickless performers and while i did everything i was supposed to do, i am sure it was no surprise to You that there was not consummation of the task You intended. I remember in particular You glowering at one of them.

You let me shower and dress and take You out to lunch then. We had a beautiful easy meal and a nice adult conversation. You told me i could go home, if i wanted, or i could stay the night at Your purple premises. If i stayed You had a few more alpha men coming over and their assignments would have nothing to do with my mouth – no, You wanted to see a real gang bang affair and i was to be the center of it, if i could. i apologized and said i could not. Every ounce of my strength had been sapped by the morning/early afternoon events. i was not “up” for more. You said You understood but i knew that deep inside i was offending You by passing up the opportunity which You had so carefully arranged. i did not mean to offend You. You, Mistress Lynne, are among the greatest and most wonderful of Mistresses. i was happy to have pleased You as far and as much as i had. You left the lunch table, went to a rest room and came back with a wine glass full of Your nectar. Another Lady joined us then. You said this is my friend, Mistress Nica. You added “I have promised Her a gang bang event for Her to witness tonight. You can leave if You want, or You can drink the wine I’ve just brought to you, as a symbol of your acceptance of the assignment.” I thought for more than a few moments. I said nothing. I started to sip Your nectar. St Yegg

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