As if

My female owner and her bull asked (with permission from my mentor Mistress Lynne, who they are aware of) to write about what it would be like if I had an online humiliation session with Mistress Lynne. She would pick up my small dick–and she should as it is small. She probably have me measure how pathetically small it is and have me kneel to her on cam. I imagine I would have to ride a dildo and be in bondage—probably have to rope my balls and perhaps wear cuffs. It is scary, but she is an amazing woman. I would obviously follow her commands.

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4 thoughts on “As if

  1. Interesting post. Mistress Lynne always seems to want to measure cock, I am not surprised she may start there.

  2. Moby Dickless, you know I would be much worse on you! and you know why too. You should re-write this and add in all the really crazy things I would have you do to yourself. Your owner and Her bull want to know! And so do I….. Good Luck. I am excited to hear what I would do. šŸ™‚

    • Yes, I agree with both comments. Mistress Lynne would measure my dick and make me pay a small dick tax…50 dollars for every inch under 8. Since I have a small dick, she would make me wear panties and spank me with a ping pong paddle (only big cock slaves get the real men paddles). I would have to make all the bills (in the small dick tax payment) 1 dollar bills, spread them on the hotel floor, pick each individual bill up with my teeth, and put each in her g string; the power of pussy over small dick. She would tie up my cock/balls and handcuff me to a chair so I can watch how a real man would fuck her (a 10 inch plus bull). The bull would enter after the small dick tax was collected.. After the sex with the big bull, she would kiss her real man good bye and do a rodeo game make me crawl around on my ass, while she would attempt to rope me by the cock. After the rodeo game, she would make me kiss her ass and then do a joy wagon ride at the end. She would sit in a wagon and strap my ass to the wagon.. I would have to move like a plough horse–naked as a Jaybird-and ride her around the hotel on my hands and knees (crawling to move the ass-hooked wagon).

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