An Unexpected Surprise – Story of a TRUE castrastion, part 1

balless_soFriday morning, a day in February 2009. It’s plain too cold outside, yet here in the bathroom it is warm. Some time ago I had a shower and shaved my whole body: legs, arms, chest,… a lot of hair, still not done. I feel goose bumps, curious for the weeks to come. It is very arousing – to kneel in the bath tub and my girlfriend and partner just finishes shaving my back.
“Bend your head down!” Gently she places the electric hair cutter in my neck and pulls upwards. That one makes me feel uneasy. I never had a shaven bald head and I was unsure if I better should stop here. After all my hair wont grow too fast and a shaven bald head is a no go at work – since it will be obvious, something happened. It will provoke questions. But it is already too far. I dont move and see the hair falling.
I grab the cut hair and put it in the toilet, while she gets the shaving shoam she bought. I stand up and turn on the water, taking a short hot shower. Upon her return I am already kneeling again, head down. Some foam in the neck, some on the sleeves, her hand moving – that feels so good. I see her smile in the mirror – watching her enjoy what she does. My head covered in shaving shoam she places the razor and again starts in the neck to remove my hair completely.
“I never thought it would turn out this way. Remember the night, after we had sex and talked about kink on the next level? How we both were aroused? Both exhausted – still becoming horny once more, again having sex? Always talking about kinky fantasies? Still we had no idea it might turn out this way.”
My cock became hard as my thoughts wandered. “Ohhh yes! I love it this way! I felt so bad trying to be your dom later on. I still can’t forget how bad I felt – whip in my hand, you were tied and you laughed at me. That was embarassing, but also horny, really horny. Real coincedence you met him. Still I remember all those moments when you returned home, satisfied, smiling after each session with him. Obviously he offered you the feeling of subspace we talked about so often…”
“Ohhh yes, pretty much. And he still does.”
“First time with the three of us. I was extremely nervous before meeting him. It aroused me having to accept you are with him when we meet and not with me. Having to act as a friend, while you and him are together…”
“I can’t concentrate you little horny bastard. Pleaaase be quiet! I am already wet!” She smiled from ear to ear, ohh how I love to see that smile.
“You better concentrate while I finish shaving you. You have some exceptional two weeks ahead!” It is an emotional rollercoaster since I told both a few days ago that I willingly accept to be his slave. That fight between loving her, enjoying her new found lust since he knows him and on the other side my jealousy, my former thoughts on how a man should be like, my need for being heterosexual, my need to be the only one for my partner. All those aspects fight when I see both having sex, help him, lick his anus while he does her and in the end most often bend over for him, waiting that he takes me deep and long.
There are always moments where I am unsure, insecure, wanted to break out. Yet it needed a brief look at her face only, hearing her moan to be aroused again and myself becoming eager to push it further with both. When…
“Done! Lift your head.”
So I am bald now. Here comes the odd part. Cautiously she places the razor and shaves my eyebrows. “No hair” I knew that, still this part makes me feel uneasy.
“Done – take a shower, clean the bath, get ready. We are to leave in 20 minutes.”
I turn on the shower and it feels very erotic. Never did I feel the water so intense on my head, running down my body. My hands on my head I feel no hair and I am getting hard again. All that witha curious smile for the things to come.”
I put on my leather cuffs on my wrists, on my ankle – she helps me to close the collar around my neck, checks and closes each lock *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap*. Pants, shirt – nothing else besides a pair of slippers. Looking at the closet I am unsure, what else to pack. Noticing my thoughts she smiles: “There is nothing else you need for those two weeks. Believe me.” Am I unsure? No – still something is different with her. She seems to be very excited. “Now come on please tell me, what will happen in that training?”. She turns her head, looks at me: “You know I wont tell you! And dont try that look on me! Remember what we discussed when we met? About making it real?”
“Yes.” I remember that pretty well. We both agreed and wanted too, when we started dipping our toes in the ocen, which is BDSM.
“We want it perfect, no games. This is it. I love you also for going along that path with me. You are sure you still want to?” There was no need to ask me, since she knew the answer beforehand.
“Yes – I enjoyed every moment so far. I am sure I want to.”
“Our connection will change forever when there. Into the right direction – the direction I want. The direction we both want. Tell me you are aware, accept it and want to!”
This is the fourth time she asks me. Her voice is clear and her look at me – that plain serious look. Still with that glow in her eyes. Eyes, which… that look always makes me tremble. If only there was a way to find out more – that curiosity kills me. “Yes, I want to.”
“Packed and ready to go?” – there he stands, white shirt, black jeans – her lover, my dom.
To be continued…


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3 thoughts on “An Unexpected Surprise – Story of a TRUE castrastion, part 1

  1. I would love to give my body to you for your personal enjoyment. I am already shaved from the neck down

  2. Fantastic story! I’m not as lucky as the narrator. I wish I had had a girlfriend like his but I have never had a girlfriend who have shaved my head. And the conditions in which the narrator’s girlfriend have shaved his head are very good for female domination:

    – He has never had his head shaved before, this means that he is getting his head shave just because his girlfriend wants.
    – She started to shave his head without expecting him and in a scenary where it is difficult for the narrator to break out.
    – She was smiling while she was depriving him of his hair.
    – A consequence of the head shaving is provoking questions to the narrator about it.
    – She did it in a too cold day, so he would be all the day remembering that she had shaved his head.

    This story doesn’t give any details about what’s the narrator girlfriend’s hair like, then I can imagine that she has very long hair, another very good condition for female domination because it makes me think that the girl shaves his boyfriend’s head to prevent him from growing his hair, making him to have his hair much shorter than hers and making more difficult for him to have his hair as long as hers. The narrator would be seing his girlfriend with long hair next to him with no hair for a period. This period starts a very cold day, so the narrator would feel the cold wind more than his girlfriend, then she could laught at him like when she was shaving his head.

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