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So you are legitimately looking for a monogamous relationship with just one man… ? I’m not entirely sure I understand the entire dom thing or the nature of your website.
However, I tend to think that the instinctual and traditional role of a man and a woman is for the man to serve the woman. Our societies gender roles have been substantially misconstrued since the start of patriarchy.
With that been said, historically and even currently in some small tribal cultures and civilizations; the man would bring gifts, food, and provide others services to a mate who chose him. There are still some tribal cultures who maintain this type of lifestyle. Additionally, the women also fend for themselves by hunting, gathering and performing day to day activities to ensure their own survival. This is typically not the norm in our culture, and that’s what sparked an interest.
At any rate, I’m honestly not seeking a partner per se; I just like to read your website and I find it intriguing… I have a hard time resisting the urge to inquire more information and learn how modernly non conforming people think (in our society). I just wanted to inquire about your website because I thought it was particularly interesting.
So correct me if I’m wrong but you have found a marketable niche for .. relationship and sexual behavior rehabilitation…? Is it sort of like therapy? Are you running a business or do you seek a life partner? I’m not making any value judgements by any means, I’m genuinely curious to learn more about your lifestyle choice…
this email is long enough, nice talking with you. Thank you for responding.
sincerely, Charlie
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