An email to Mistress Lynne

Hello Mistress Lynne,
If your interested in approaching all your deepest desires then i would be glad to inform you that you can take me, as i am the one who will be tied up to you in your journey till it forces me to fall into your submission pit, then you can lock me there and destroy my enslaving virginity by transforming me into your personal slave after getting me under your complete control and commands which will also drop me to your kink addiction to use me for your own pleasure, you will then be done creating to yourself an extreme committed dedication from me, so then you can lay over maximum satisfaction with a big smile and a crown over your head, only If your interested and would like to create your dominant image in my mind and let me know what is your favorite desires to dominate, so i can adjust my expectations towards the commitment of serving a Queen like you.
Take care till i get able to take care of you
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