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Good Morning Mistress Lynne,
Thank You for Your response. i was excited to see a reply from You. i will do my best to provide a general idea of who i am etc. As You can tell from my profile i am 44 yo and live in Your area.
i will start with the vanilla. i am extremely well educated as well as intelligent (these 2 things don’t always go together in my opinion) :). i have a fantastic career. i am a managing director a big 4 consulting firm (which equates in my firm to a non-equity partner). i am in technology and my specialty is anti-money laundering and counter terrorist funding compliance.
i am also a divorced father of 2. My second marriage was a true D/s Femdom situation. i rushed into the marriage thing ignoring every red flag… and i did so because of the D/s element of the relationship. We were together for only 3 years. We had significant problems during the entire 3 years – she moved in with her ex twice during the 3 years. i stayed in the relationship much longer than i should have because i did not want another failed marriage. i did not want to feel like a 2 time failure. i came to grips with the situation and realized that it takes 2 people to make a relationship…and since i was the only one trying, it was time for an exit. That ended a year ago. i am grateful for being able to live in a D/s situation, and i am grateful for learning that living out my submissive nature is what is fulfilling and what i need.
On to the D/s aspects of me. i have been submissive all my life, even before i knew there was a term to describe it. When i was a young boy i always thought my desires and fantasies were “odd”. It was not until the 90’s when i learned there was an entire lifestyle built around my desires. i am a natural submissive. i was born this way, it is not a passing phase or something i just learned about. The more strict You are…and the more swift You are with discipline, the quicker my training will be. i truly enjoy living un der strict rules, including speech rules where i need to refer to You in a certain manner (Ma’am for instance). i also have an insane nylon foot/leg and high heel fetish. The mere sight of a Woman in nylons and heels makes me weak. In stockings and heels i will be putty in Your hands. i enjoy being leashed…kneeling and worshipping…etc. i will also be forthcoming and mention that the use of a strap on was part of my past.
To find a Femdom relationship with a Woman i trust would be fulfilling…and it is ultimately what i seek.
i hope this was not too long, but also was long enough to provide an overview of “me”.
– david
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