All men are NOT created equal

Mistress Lynne wanted me to write about my experiences over the weekend with my owner and bull in Wisconsin. I had to serve as a butler/domestic for a party for her gfs and her bull; I had to serve them naked with my little dick showing and the girls were giggling and feeling me up which seemed weird since there wasn’t much to feel; I didn’t think that would amuse them, but it did; I watched her make love to her bull at the end of the night and he is one huge guy wow–Mistress recently posted a pic once that was close, comparing big to small; the small guy was about my size; actually, the bull of my owner looked a little bigger; the bull came three times within the hour; HOLY CRAP; I can barely squeeze out some dribbles at all; it requires a lot of effort to jerk it and big time speed to even get anything. It really is humbling to see a man with such a big dick, perfect abs, muscles–the works. I am very aware that all men are not created equal.

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