Alas, we meet again. Or did we? by Mistress Lynne

Funny because despite how much I do write for My website, there are a whole lot of things I have chosen to NOT share. Some things I hold close to My heart and keep it between Me and you know who you are……………. 🙂 I certainly hate to kiss and tell (laughing out loud) and turn My life into some sort of crazy, wonderful, blog experiment.

Oh wait………..

It already is. 🙂 Perfect. Then – I promise – one day to let the truth out! But, not today. Right now, you will get only the snippets I choose to share. Just imagine the stuff I am not telling you! You know what, forget it, don’t imagine that…. bunch of sickos here reading this…… geez.

I am looking to find someone who wants to assist in My personal growth by financing project I am currently working on that I like to call “The Devil’s Playground” – a space to represent this outstanding blog and a tribute to all My followers as we could have smaller “events” and “training sessions”. Maybe do some scenes that COULD be shared with the blog through photography that offers more transparency. Wouldn’t that be so fun!?

If you want to help with this, please email Me – Even if you enjoy My blog from a different country, financing this next step would certainly make your experience here on My blog a more interesting and enjoyable one. A small investment, I think. As your Goddess, I am sure you would agree with that. I am ready to do this NOW. I am just waiting for the stars to line up. Come be My angel and help Me build “The Devil’s Playground” for

Mistress Lynne 5/10/14

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