A text conversation with Me and how I get a man to say “fuck u” to Me, lol – ENJOY!

him: Is this Mistress Lynne…?

Me: Yes

him: oh yay! R u from Cali, I’m Don from the central valley. U sure look beautiful, may I get a pic?

Me: I don’t know you, why would I send you a picture? What have you done for Me lately? Do you often text women to waste their time and ask them for pictures?

him: I’ll serve u, I’m a cutie, and I’m a fetish freak!!

Me: I don’t give a crap about you. I only give a crap about what you can do for Me.

Me: I have a half a million followers, what makes you stand out from anyone else?

him: – I’m in love with the booty. I’m a Christian. I’m definitely a fetish freak and I’m short, I’m white, I’m confident surprisingly kinda buff. I got blue eyes. I’m willing to pay u, very much, if u r real… and if u r in Cali. Plus the main thing, I’ll actually make u pleased, very pleased guaranteed.

him: Mistress…?

him: That’s me, lemme know what you think

Me: Well, I am real but I am not in California

him: Where r u? would u get me?

Me: I’m not even close to California. I’m 3000 miles away but thank you for wasting My time.

him: Is this no hope? Please tell Me now

Me: If your requirement is that I am in California then yes there is no hope

him: May I get a pic Mistress?

Me: No and stop wasting My time, thank you very much

him: of your ass on the toilet….. oh my lord, have mercy

him: I can pay. I will fly out there where ever, u tell me

Me: I don’t block men that give me money but you have not done that yet I’m blocking you now.

him: I was just trying to talk to u, c how worthy u r of a tribute. Geez I work hard for my money, 2 bills is a couple days worth, u gotta seduce me into willingly giving that to u

Me: I’m sorry I don’t have to do anything! and if you can’t afford me, why are you still talking to Me? There’s a whole lot of cheap whores out there that will be happy to talk to you.

him: I don’t want a cheap whore, I want a sexy Goddess like u. No u don’t, but it’s how YOU make more money, get more pull, u know that too

him: but whatever… than fuck u

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