A text conversation between Me and a long time blog follower and supporter

him: Absolutely love Your latest blog. You are 100% right and on point.

Me: Thank you I appreciate the compliment.

him: I’ve been doing a lot of dwelling on what You wrote. I can totally understand and feel your frustration with us submissive men in general. I can see and sense a higher evolution of understanding of the D/s psychology. It makes You even more desirable than a beautiful dominant lady in killer stiletto heels.

Me: I’m just curious which part of it resonated with you most?

him: I think the aspects of a true Domme like Yourself doesn’t need or cater to a submissive. I’ve met a few so called female domes who in the end didn’t demonstrate a true dominant nature. I can tell and see from Your writings and blogs that You never acquiesce to a submissive demands of wants. You live Your life like You want on Your terms. That is amazing to me.

him: You don’t need submissive men in Your life to exemplify a true Dominant nature. I find that so appealing and exotic. More than any trappings or costumes of a dominatrix.

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