A special rare surprise.

i stand here before my Mistress feeling insanely aroused and yet almost trembling at the new and unfamiliar feelings that have been woken in me by Your imposing sexual presence. You knee down in front of me with your lips right at the height of my cock….i look down, and a flash of anger comes over Your face…”Did I tell you to move, slave?….Eyes front and stand still!” You then grab my cock and pull it up to expose my balls and you then open your mouth and suck my freshly shaven sac into your mouth with my two swollen balls….the sensation is totally foreign to me….it is strangely pleasant yet very constricting and slightly uncomfortable…..then you bite down…not hard but just enough to make this border on painful…then you uncermoniously pull back and my balls make a poping sound and i get a brief jolt of pain as they emerge from your sexy mouth…..”It is lucky for you that you have shaved this pathetic cock lately, and I didn’t get your nasty pubic hairs in my mouth…that would have angered Me….this is a very lucky day for you slave.” “I have a treat for you…” Then i feel your warm wet lips around the head of my cock…and i hear the sound of your lips and tongue wrapping around my girth….uncontrollably, i feel my lower abdomen tense up…i am going to cum….my cock fills with blood and stiffens even more…suddenly you stop spit out my cock on the verge of climax and proceed to scream at me, “What the fuck do you think you are doing??? Did I tell you that you could cum or even feel this surprise I chose to give to you??? NO I DID NOT!” “Turn around and bend over forward as far as you can….i immediately comply with your command as my cock pulses and softens from its pre climax stance….next i feel your fingers roughly grab the cheeks of my ass and pull them apart….i hear the sound of spitting and i feel You warm wet saliva dripping down between the cheeks of my ass and into my anus…then i feel a foreign feeling….something hard being not-so-gently pushed into me….and then you command me to squeeze my ass to hold it in place. The next feeling i get is the sudden sharp pain as you begin to flog my ass….it is embarassing and exciting at the same time….this is so different than i ever thought anything like this would be….this goes on for what seems to be a very long time…..and then you stop and tell me to relax my grip on my ass….You then pull the object out of my ass harshly….and begin to spank my ass strongly and painfully….i can feel my skin beginning to redden and become stingy and tingly…harder and harder you spank…i feel my teeth gritting and my jaws clenching…trying to control my urge to call out or even move. Then suddenly You cease my punishment….and you walk in front of me and standing still you say, “Do you understand your place, now?” “Do you understand your purpose?” If you wish to be one of my stable boys, you will need some more training….now you will go take a shower and scrub that nasty ass of yours…I will need to do some more with that later……
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