A real email from Me to a submissive gentleman

Thank you for this email. I guess I didn’t get that email about being available for dinner last night. To be honest, I’m scared. 🙂 Go figure. I find people build Me up because of My website and I have a hard time getting over that to meet someone who sees Me as Mistress Lynne initially. Of course, I do desire what I desire but I am certainly shy about an initial meeting. In real life, I certainly don’t desire to waste time and each time I have had a planned “date” or “meeting” with someone who knows Me as Mistress Lynne, they end not going, cancelling, doing something that sucks for Me, not calling, and not really telling Me why. SO, in the end, given I am a “wanted” dominant woman by lots of men and get well over 50 emails daily – I actually end up alone a lot with no one actually taking Me out or even ASKING Me on a date. When I am just a normal girl in the end who desires a submissive man who knows submission doesn’t always come on the first date, at least not in the hardcore ways……
So – I apologize. This is just Me – talking to you. As the normal girl I am.
Thank you. Hope you are well.
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