A Poem for Mistress Lynne

You, Mistress Lynne
inviting me in to your office.
But of course, I know to enter on my knees.
and you instruct me to approach you.
to crawl behind your desk – and I obey.
You grab my tie – and pull my head up
my gaze shifts to your face
and you look into my eyes
to confirm I have submitted to you
and then, releasing the tie, you grab my head in your hands
and push it down
between your legs
which are spread for me
you push my head down
and pull it into you
my lips are open slightly
you instruct me to lick you
to lick your clit
just as you told me how
my tongue circling it
then sucking it between my lips
feeling it swell
feeling you push up into my mouth
forcing me to lick you harder, deeper
and you move, telling me to fuck your pussy with my tongue
and I push my face into your pussy
my tongue pressing inside you
opening you
thick and wet
I smell your sweet wetness
taste you on my lips and tongue
Thank you, Mistress
Thank you for letting me lick your pussy
Thank you for letting me suck your clit


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