A Night of Spanking

“Would you like me to spank you?” she asks. A shiver shoots up Seth’s spine. He had never been spanked before — never been used, abused, or dominated before either — but the thought of it (and where it might lead) excited him greatly.

They were both naked in the backseat of his car. They had just finished fucking; his cock was softening, and her pussy was leaking their juices all over the seat. Still flush with the heat of sex, heart racing, hormones flowing freely, Seth could only nod and say “okay”. He quickly got on all fours across her lap. He closed his eyes and didn’t have to wait long…

*SMACK* Even when it came, it was unexpected. A sharp, stinging sensation spread through his cheek. But a moment later her hand was there rubbing him lovingly. Then she stopped rubbing.

*SMACK* Still sore from the first, this one seemed to hurt more. Not enough to make him cry out, but definitely uncomfortable. Two so far, and Seth felt good. The reassuring stroking of her palm on his sore buttocks felt good. If not for the pain, he’d probably be aroused.

*SMACK* His other cheek this time. He was grateful, it gave the first time to recover, but now his entire ass hurt.

*SMACK* Again on the second cheek. She was doing it harder now. She had to be. Was this only four? No, that couldn’t be right. He should ask how many she’s going to do before–

*SMACK* Not too bad. He had a chance to recover, the pain had lessened. It flared up again, but he knew he could handle it.

*SMACK* Or not. He grunts. Soft enough that he’s sure she didn’t hear. It’s getting worse. One spank is okay, but as they begin to follow one after the other… the pain becomes compounded.

*SMACK* He closes his eyes tighter. That’s seven, right? She’ll probably stop at ten. She should stop at ten. He’ll say something after ten. But he can do it. He can take ten.

*SMACK* His heart races. A tear begins to form in the corner of his eye. He didn’t expect this. It shouldn’t be this painful. It’s just her hand, her slender hand with the purple nail polish. The one that had wrapped itself around his hard cock less than an hour earlier. That slender hand. It shouldn’t hurt this much.

*SMACK* He whimpers. His breath catches in his throat and that tear runs freely down his cheek. One more! Just one more! He can do this!

*SMACK* Yes! Oh, yes! Sweet relief, that was ten! His shoulders sag and his body begins to breathe normally again. The stinging pain in his rear is intense, but he did it. He made it to ten.

“Good boy,” she purrs, her hand stroking his back. He manages a smile back at her, but that’s all he can muster. “You stay here and rest, I’ll drive.”

She extricates herself from the backseat and gets dressed. As she settles into the driver’s seat, he crumples down into the cushions, still naked, his red ass in the air. She rolls down the back windows and he feels the cool summer breeze across his sore flesh. She stops a little while later, tells him she’s going to buy some ice. Seth closes his eyes and tries to relax. If not for the burning sensation he probably would be able to.

In a few minutes she’s back. She opens the back door and the light from the storefront washes over his naked body. He opens his eyes. She didn’t stop at a gas station or pharmacy. It’s a sex shop. “Change of plans, lover. You’re coming inside with me.” She gives him a devilish grin and holds out a leash with a leather collar on the end.

Seth takes the collar and smiles. His ass is feeling better already.

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  1. Yankee Slave,
    I so love going to my blog and seeing a great post like this that I can read for the first time and enjoy. (which I did). A wonderful morning for Mistress Lynne. You get a gold star for the day! 🙂
    Mistress Lynne

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