Mistress Lynne without a stud-sub ! :(

For those who haven’t already heard. I recently, this past December, stopped seeing My regular Stud. This was done on My own free will so I can focus on finding the right stud-sub slave for Me.

I did have a meeting planned with a new potential Stud Sub – but – as most of you know – this fell through as that man decided to eat the pussy of a woman he did not know instead of getting together with Me. Lucky Me, he told Me about it !!

So, as sad as it may seem. I am studless. 🙁

My 24/7/365 stud-sub slave position is still open and available.

I am offering a writing assignment – please write on the following topic.

“why Mistress Lynne deserves a perfect stud-sub slave to please Her”


Mistress Lynne

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4 thoughts on “Mistress Lynne without a stud-sub ! :(

  1. This makes me wonder if there is a stud-sub WORTHY of Her..Mistress Lynne literally Inspires Awe!

      • Yes of course, Beautiful Goddess..
        And, as jealous as i’ll be, i sincerely hope You find the perfect stub sub slave You DESERVE Mistress!
        i am half a world away..would i dare apply if i were in USA i wonder?..
        slave ian . (Australia)

  2. Oh Mistress Lynne!
    You Merciless Tease!!
    i am besotted, consumed, & slavishly enraptured by You…You enjoy a very special, very prominent place in my thoughts, emotions and priorities..

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