A Mistress holds a mirror to a submissive

Hello Mistress Lynne,
Thank you for your encouragement and kind words. I have learned that honesty really is the best policy and I try to be honest. Of course reminders do help and thanks for the link to the article about the person who exaggerated his size. When the tape measure comes out facts are facts and the lie is in the number line. No one can hide from a quick measurement check. That sounded like an intense lesson learned. I love that you demand honesty and help the submissive male to acknowledge his faults.
Acceptance seems to be part of the journey of the male submissive that can be especially difficult in our self centered male ego driven society. I know that I have a long ways to go on this journey of acceptance and that I have yet to fully embrace my submissive role. Confession also seems to be a strong component to the revelations that a Mistress revels. In a way a good Mistress like your self holds a figurative and sometimes literal mirror before the submissive males and lets him see himself as he really is through her discerning eyes.
Its also nice to know I am not alone in my short comings. Knowing that even the Alpha Dogs tend to exaggerate size is funny because they probably are more likely to get away with it. At first glance big is probably easier to show off than an obviously below average size that can be measured with a quick glance.
at Your feet,
Slave Onan
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