A letter from Mistress Lynne

Hi Everyone! I am so sorry for being so deeply ingrained in the skeleton of this new website, getting some content up, signing up new authors for our blog, and talking to people about it… I haven’t had a moment to write for you. 🙁 I have so many experiences, stories, and ideas I truly want to share and, hopefully, through time, I will be given the gift of more time to write. 🙂
My intent for this new website is to be a Support System to men who wish to submit. The Mystress Lynne team has been hard at work making the contacts needed to finally get the online store live, writing HTML to work out any kinks on the site as we go along, and setting up the services that will also be offered. In the next few weeks, you will certainly see this MistressLynne.com grow.
I would like to personally thank the few new authors who have been actively submitting stories, posting pictures, writing new fantasies, and supporting others experiences through positive comments. We are all in this world together. Each one’s experience much different than the other, each individual struggling with their submissive desires in different ways. For this reason, I seek authors with different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. Obviously a married man who wishes to submit to his wife only is going to seek much different advice than a man who is single and hopes to find the heaviest Domme experience out there. Please always remember, you all have one thing in common….. you seek submission to a beautiful woman. Let’s always support one another in that process.
So – with that! Please kneel for 10 minutes naked and think about all the beautiful woman in the world that deserve to be served and pleased by you!
As most of you know, I am a Dominate Woman. I say that now with ease but the process of getting to that place was much more difficult. Just like many of you, I struggle in what some people call “JUMPING TRACKS”. In my search towards sexual dominance, it was difficult to find people to just talk with about it. Again, as you know, I do have a vanilla life and no one knows of my dealings in this business, my personal desires, my obsession with it in my head, and my complete dedication to the the cause. But, I struggle in not being able to talk freely about it. It isn’t like I can show up to a clients house in my vanilla business and be like “Hey, I just started this cool website, you should check it out and let me know what you think”! Or, even worse, “Yes I did just get back from Spain, I went there for a three days to set up a sexual fantasy for a very attractive wealthy man”. Oh no!!! That would not be good and so my excuses as to why I travel here and there are well planned, thought out, and remain solid in there nature.
But, for me, there is another piece to it. When I go into the “world” of Mistress Lynne. It is often difficult to then go be my vanilla self. I will sometimes come out of the world of Mistress Lynne in a complete fog and traveling certainly doesn’t ease that.
Vanilla is just so vanilla and I struggle with this piece of my life. I can’t be the Mistress I am when grocery shopping, going to church, or attending children events. And yet, there have been moments when I sure want to speak as as Mistress Lynne would !!! 🙂 For example, I once had a vanilla client who was talking about his new house on the ocean and he referred to himself as a “Lucky Boy”. You can just imagine how those two words almost triggered me to say all sorts of things. 🙂 But, I said “you are lucky”. And that was much harder than saying “Get down on your knees you Lucky Boy and remember your place in this world, you are nothing but a maggot”. Among many other things wrapping around in my head in that moment.
You get the point. And I think many of us have this similiar thing going on when “JUMPING TRACKS” as I like to call it.
I find sometimes that I find solace in my conversations with my chosen slaves. I do choose wisely, each one for a good reason, and my conversation with some have been my saving grace. Having also been able to work closely with a few Master’s who are in need of Mistress in their own work and in the training of superior Dommes, both in sessions or just in business…. I have been so lucky to form deep and meaningful relationships. Not always sexual ones, but friendships, who have grown into long term contacts with true professionals. I am grateful for that. They truly have been a strong support system towards my personal journey into becoming a Mistress.
Although I have had such great support and training, my search was always an individual process. I always have to be strong in my desires, deep into my character at times, and grounded in my choices. Being sure I was ALWAYS making the right choices for me. Not ever allowing the wishes of others to sway me but be clear in what I desired for me. In that, what I got was a great respect and now a team of people who are actively involved in the purpose of this little website.
To those people, I say, Thank you.
My hope for this website is to be able to help more men in their desire to submit.
Respectively Submitted,
Mistress Lynne 10/12/13
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5 thoughts on “A letter from Mistress Lynne

  1. Thank you for your letter Mistress. In the few days that I have known You and explored your website, I get the feeling that in this private part of my life in submission to you I am becoming part of a community of understanding a part of human nature that most people in the vanilla world simply would not understand.

    Having read your letter makes me admire You even more and wish you well in the development of your website that I feel privileged to be a part of.

    Thank you.
    slave bob

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