A Letter from a Follower that I truly enjoyed. :) :)

Good (whatever time of day you read this) Goddess!

Once again, I would like to thank you for being a focus for my thoughts.   I’d like to share with you what I’ve been mulling over because ‘mulling’ makes me happy and I hope by sharing, I can entertain you.  The difficulty lies in how to put down all the things I’ve been thinking about… so here goes… hopefully, it’s not too discombobulated.

Today I received an assistant.   She’s a young woman, which I have no problem with… in fact, I enjoy working with women (as an aside, as is probably pretty obvious by now, I actually prefer a female boss); however, from my initial exposure to her I’m not overly fond of her.  I have no qualms in saying she’s physically attractive and very self-assured… which would normally make me like her, but I don’t.  I’ll still treat her professionally, but she’s pretty much incompetent (why was she hired?  I dunno.. but that’ll be a great conversation with my boss) and when it comes to professionalism… well, competence is competence.  This got me thinking… I’m currently very much in a male submissive mindset, which means I’m very receptive to superior female assertiveness.  This made me think about how I view her differently than I do You?  In very general terms, I realize there’s a very wide range of people, both good and bad in all aspects of life and one shouldn’t judge/expect all people to share similar traits even if they’re in a similar in-group (in this case, assertive women).  In her case, I don’t think she’s realized that trying to assert dominance without competence is a failing strategy.  Regretfully, her strategy can be successful because … well, ….guys are stupid.  Trying to take advantage of others because of superficial reasons drives me crazy (not the good crazy).   Comparing her to You got me thinking that one of the reasons I’m fascinated by You is the fact that You take ownership of being a Goddess with confidence and competence.  I’m not sure what You do in Your vanilla life, but I know You are actively pursuing it, and by observing the public effort You put into being a Goddess, I’ll wager You are quite savvy in whatever You do.  From a submissive male point of view, I cannot respect a woman who expects things based on superficiality.  Blech!  On a professional level: nope.  On a submissive level: nope.  On a positive learning level, this event’s timing was perfect, as I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about Your general personality and what I find attractive about it…. and it offered a great contrast to my disdain for her (btw, I’ll still treat her with general courtesy.. but I won’t go above that).  I think it all comes down to respect.   I cannot respect someone who shows no investment, competency, or pride in their own identity.  From my exposure to You, both from reading what You write and talking with You, I believe You are competent and comfortable in being the Goddess that You are.  Damn, that’s a hard comparison to live up to!  So.. uhh… Congratulations! (all though I don’t think you need me to tell you).. the fact that You are a mother, a professional, a Goddess, and an independent woman that has learned from Your experiences, is something that is totally awesome and worthy of respect.  So today’s meditation of a ‘cooperative sub'(I don’t really know how to classify myself, so Imma coin that category: the sub and Dom should have a mutually compatible cooperative relationship)… respect is something that’s very important.

Which leads me on to my next topic….

Holy Cow!  I read your post last night about “Fuck U” (btw…I decided on WanderingMu as my name for use on your blog).  First off, if I ever use text speak to You in a text (R U from….), please feel free to punch me in the balls if we ever meet…just start wailing away.  Blunt force trauma to my oh-so sensitive testicles is not my thing.. however, if I ever treat You with such a low level of respect that I can’t type out actual words, I deserve harsh correction (this will never happen).  On one level, if I were You, I’d probably take that conversation with some level of humor based on how moronic the guy was… but oy!  Sometimes, I’m embarrassed for my sex.  Having numerous female friends, I’ve heard lots of stories of online interactions with jerks (I’m not going to call them men).  I’m not one to focus on personal humiliation, but, damn, sometimes my fellow males make me feel humiliated for all of us.  One of the reasons I asked You about your experiences with Your blog is because I can only imagine the number of dumb shits who contact You.. that has to be an amazing experience.  I was glad You answered on a more positive note about all the good things (+points for being positive) that You have gained from it.  Rock On! with your Goddess Powers for Your jerk handling and putting up with the stupids.

Any how…

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