A Fire-Fighter Fantasy

It was very hot sunny day. A day like no others and you have been at the station all day long. The department was especially busy, it being about 102 degrees out. All sorts of problems have been going on all day long. The engines have been running all day and you were finally just making it back in from being in the city all day long. It had been a long, hot day. Finally, the engine was turned off and you hopped out, immediately stripping out of your gear and spreading it all over the floor, drinking a cold Dasani water, and getting down to nothing but you undershorts. It was hot, very hot. Then your phone rings, it is me. “Hey,” I say. “What’s up”? You can’t speak. I can tell, it has been a long day. “Hey, listen to me. My air conditioning is broken. I have a huge party, it is called pampered chef party, I am committed, but I need your place to host it. You will have to shop, go home, take a shower, shave your face and your balls, and put on a red apron and get dinner started”. I hang up the phone. You have been through this before. I don’t take no for an answer so why bother answering me. It is too hot anyway. I am your master. You may be a tough firefighter just getting off the engine, but with me, you are but a slave. It doesn’t matter if you are tired, you must now go shopping, get ready, prepare dinner in a red apron, and get this done for me. At 7pm sharp, I show up to your house. Only 45 minutes have gone by but I knock on the door. You answer in a red apron, clean, freshly shaved, and no clothes just as I requested. I eyeball you, “Good Boy”. I am going to enter your space but when I do, please know you are in my complete control, don’t screw this up. A few minutes go by and there is a knock on the door, it is our first guest. A pretty little housewife named Lindsey and then another named Paula, she is blond, really cute. And then Vicki, older, but wore tight clothing. And Samantha, she was the barely legal daughter of Vicki. As the guest arrived, they realized you wore only a red apron. They let it slide knowing you are a firefighter and it is so hot out. The girls sat down and we bagan our viewing of the pampered chef items, a collection of high end kitchen accessories. “First ladies, let me show you this cucumber slicer”. I summons you over to my backside and handed you a cucumber. As I bent over the table, I explained to the girls you were going to help out with some product research. “Rob, please pull up my skirt”. You do just that. With the cucumber in hand, the ladies are in total shock. This can’t be! Is this for real? They couldn’t believe it so they went with it. “Go Rob”. They cried out. You smiled. “Good Boy, now remove my red underwear”. You do just that. “And insert that cucumber into my vagina please”. The girls were in total shock. There eyes glued to the cucumber in your hand. With absolutely no hesitation, you did just that. I let out a little cry, “yes, that’s the way”. With that, the woman who had come for a pampered chef party realized firefighters are hot. They always knew it. If only they could get that too. It is so hot and the air conditioning in this place is wonderful. A few minutes go by and you are still slowly fucking my vagina with the cucumber. And finally I say “Ok, you can remove the cucumber”. I stand up, ask you to kneel, and place the cucumber on the table. I take a pampered chef knife and cut that huge cucumber in half. “See girls, this knife is great, brings double the pleasure. Who would like to try this?” All of the arms go up. I choose two of the woman for you. The mom and the young barely legal daughter. “Come on up here”. They do and they stand in front of you where you are kneeling still in your red apron. “Please lift up your skirts”. They do. “Rob, please eat their pussy. Both of them together”. And without hesitation, your clamp your arms around the two of their waists and pull them together and begin to lick and touch the both of them at once as their pussy’s are held tightly together to make that possible for you. Everyone goes crazy. You are a champ. And the girls sit down. Next is the blond. She has big titties. I say “Please Rob stand up and take out her big boobs and lick them with your tounge. Then give her a hickey on her right nipple and don’t stop until she is black and blue.” You obey. You are a good boy. Always listening. It was the best pampered chef party ever, we sold 6 knives. When it was over, I took you to bed and sucked on your cock until you were about to cum and then I stopped. You are not allowed to cum on such an amazing night like this. We will reserve that for tomorrow. Maybe.

Respectively Submitted,

Mistress Lynne

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