A Fantasy with Mistress Lynne

john recieved an early morning e-mail from Mistress Lynne saying she wants to meet john the sissy that evening at her favorite restaraunt. john replied in ernest that john would attend.
john suddenly realized that this would be the first face-to-face meeting with Mistress Lynne and that john should be dressed in john’s best sissy outfit. john began the morning carefully shaving his genital area making sure all hair was removed and tried as best as john could to remove all hair around his pussy hole in case of inspection by Mistress Lynne.
after shaving and moisturizing all the area to keep it smooth, john began toprepare the rest of john’s body for meeting Mistress Lynne. face was shaved twice, and smoothed with cream as john’s face would later be covered with make-up. john then began his selection of apparel for the evening. black seamless thigh-high hose were laid out along with a pair of blue silky thongs with a pretty bowon the front. a freshly laundered pink bra was laid as well with the undergarments.
a dress was picked out in a blue haze color which had a tight waist to show off john’s bottom while he walked around. the shoulders were covered with fuffles in pink dots beside the blue color. and the length of the dress was just above the knees making it just alluring enough to wonder what was on underneath but leaving plenty of room for Mistress Lynne to explore should she desire
a brunette wig with long curls was picked out, one that came down to just above the shoulders.
as the day went on, john could only fantasize about what might occur during the first meeting.
john anticipated a full inspection by Mistress Lynne even though he was not sure how at a public restaraunt even though it was chosen by Mistress Lynne.
As time grew on towards late afternoon, john decided to complete john’s dress by preparing to put john’s make-up on starting with black eyebrows and long lashes, then a subtle shade of red for his lips not wanting to overshadow the appeal of Mistress Lynne. a touch of shading applied to enhance john’s cheeks were applied as well.
putting on the wig and straightening out his dress, john was almost ready
now 4 inch or 6 inch heels?
john felt best with the 4 inch heels in black once again not wanting to overshadow the lookof Mistress Lynne
john was now ready and left to meet Mistress Lynne
at the restaraunt, john waited and met Mistress Lynne at the door as she arrived. john held the door for Mistress Lynne as no Mistress should have to do for herself.
john followed Mistress Lynne as we were led to our table. john waited for Mistress Lynne to seat herself around the semi-circular table then slid in beside her making sure that the back of john’s dress was pulled up in case Mistress Lynne wished an under the table feel of john, (john fantasizing) pleasantries were exchanged and drinks were ordered Mistress Lynne having a cocktail and john having water
After a time Mistress Lynne said that Mistress needed to relive herself and that john was to follow her to the restroom john felt a bit uncomfortable but realized that john was sisy dressed and that no-one would notice. Once in the room, Mistress Lynne instructed john to enter that last stall and prepare john suddenly realized that Mistress Lynne knew this place well as the last stall had a box on the floor that was for subs to be used as a toilet. john could not have imagined this but was happy to oblige as john enjoyed drinking pee the box was at a height proper for Mistress Lynne but also easy for john to get under. there was a funnel attachment so john could have every drop delivered down his throat without any spillage. at first mistress Lynne let her pee flow fast and john struggled to swallow so quickly, Mistress lynne slowed to allow john to drink it all. once Mistress Lynne was finished, she allowed john to move away from the box so john could lick Mistress Lynne clean along with inspecting mistress Lynnes rear with john’s tongue to ensure that was clean as well.
Mistrees Lynne gathered herself all the while john thanking Mistress Lynne for allowing himself to service Mistress Lynne that way as they left the restroom john once again held the door and followed behind.
Mistress Lynne was pleased with john in his quick perfromance of his duty which was a test to him of his obeidence in a moments notice.
After dinner, Mistress lynne said how pleased she was with the meeting and would consider moving forward with some other obedience tests in the future. john was thrilled inside as john escorted mistress lynne to her car and allowed her off into the night.
Thank you Mistress Lynne for allowing john this letter to her
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3 thoughts on “A Fantasy with Mistress Lynne

  1. This is such an amazing story. I especially love the device used so you may properly drink my piss. I am so glad you drank every drop and then licked my pussy clean. I feel so worshipped.
    Mistress Lynne

    • it is sissy’s role to service Mistress Lynne in every and anyway possible. sissy would be honored to be a full-time toilet anywhere anytime

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