Command of Mistress Lynne


1. All slaves have their place under the rule of Mistress Lynne and all slaves should be respected as such. Do not judge your fellow servants but yet support their growth in their personal relationship with your chosen Goddess.

3. A servant to Mistress Lynne makes you an under-rower whom is, at all times, to follow My instruction. You want what I want. There are no other rules.

4. Be faithful to the tasks Mistress Lynne has offered you as they will and do have a purpose in My life and shall always be the commanding presence in your life.

5. A slaves purpose is to serve pleasure to Mistress Lynne with instruction, you shall obey. Always be faithful to the task given.

6. Discipline yourself to remain faithful to Mistress Lynne.

7. Always look to your Mistress Lynne for instruction. If you seek permission for a certain activity, always be honest. I will evaluate and provide your answer.

8. Always appreciate the service of others to Mistress Lynne.

9. Be willing to give both to your fellow servants and Mistress Lynne.

10. Mistress Lynne’s servants are not your competitors, they are just servants and all slaves are equal. No slave truly means much to Mistress Lynne unless that slave is serving a purpose. You are to respect the purpose of Mistress Lynne at all times. She is the steward of this house.

11. Mistress Lynne will give opportunity to serve.

12. Present yourself to Mistress Lynne and lay yourself in front of Her as a sacrifice.

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10 thoughts on “Command of Mistress Lynne

  1. Mistress Lynne is a wise and powerful Goddess, I see Her here stressing the point of slaves getting along, we as slaves tend to stay away from each other, but I feel the Goddess would be pleased if we were to co-operate in our service to this amazing Goddess for Her benefit. Particularly at times like this, when She is busy with other things, I think it would please Her if we got more accomplished on Her behalf. Any thoughts?

  2. i wish to serve you mistress lynne and do whatever you command me to do i am a faithfull slave and i wish to prove it to you please get back to me

  3. Dear Mistress Lynne, what a wonderful and strong Goddess You are. Thank You for being an inspiration to us all.

  4. Thank You Mistress Lynne, that we are able to read through these instructions and remind ourselves of our place.

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