Supreme Goddess Fantasy

Hello Supreme Goddess Mistress Lynne
Your potential property wrote a fantasy in Your honor, i hope it pleases You
Goddess Mistress Lynne leaned back comfortably in Her throne and enjoyed the tribute being paid to Her. The tribute of Her slaves mouth.”Kiss My feet slave, lick the soles and suck My toes prove to Me that your good enough to be My slave” i was sucking Your toes like they were tiny little cock’s licking and kissing the soles of Your pretty feet my tongue worked frantically
Your flesh was smooth ,and hot, the scent was intoxicating, the flavor was extremely addictive. “Slave your mouth is both eager and worshipful at the same time but not slavish enough,not like an abject slave but soon with some training. you have no idea how well I can train a slave”
“I have something else in mind now” With a tug on my leash i crawl behind You to the center of Your dungeon. Suddenly You stop and point to a spot on the floor, “right there slave get on your back” “Open your mouth” “wide”…”WIDE” A gob of saliva drools from Your lower lip dangled and then fell plopping into my mouth. my throat worked and gulped it down thank You Goddess. i knew that this was the beginning of a lifetime of slavery, beautiful slavery to the Domineering Woman that meant more to me than anyone else in the world.
“That’s it slave now I’ll just……..” i stare up at the twin fleshy cheeks of Your worship demanding Ass and stick my tongue out waving it avidly as Your hot flesh slowly sinks down on my face. my tongue searches and then it was there. At last it squirms up through the tight ring of muscle and into the slippery passage, i’m tonguing Your Ass Hole. The joy, the satisfaction, the thrill of giving You a deep soul-full kiss flashes across the screen of my mind. Every part of Goddess MistressLynne777 is precious to me. Vaguely i could hear Your voice telling me how good i was. “Right up there slave I love your tongue in My Ass Hole , that’s it deep just like that ugh ugh,
work it around , in and out dont stop. lick the shit out of Me yeah”
Then You tightened a black leather boot lace around my ball’s and pulled on it while You whipped my cock with precision blows. Whap, Smack ,Crack. “Yeah slave tongue My Ass , your going to make a fine Ass worshiper. Then You began rocking back and forth,breathing was becoming more difficult. The crushing weight was some kind of strange terror i lapped and breathed alternately. my cock was responding to Your loving ministrations throbbing with each whip strike pre cum was now flowing freely down the swollen shaft. Whack, Smack, Crack , Whack, Whack, Whack, Smack, Crack. i caught a breath-at the end of each downswing and upswing. Until finally the motion slowed to a twitch, and then the weight, the exciting pressure the soft engulfing flesh was gone and You leaned sideways wiped the pre cum from my cock and with a stern look smeared it onto my tongue.
“slave I have to go to the bathroom, I have to piss but I’m to tired to walk after the whipping I gave you, now if you were just a pony why…” i let out a whinny and a knicker and You smiled knowingly tossed the boot lace across my shoulder to use as a reign,then swung one of Your gorgeous thighs across my back. You dug Your heel’s into my ribs and gave me a crack across the ass.”Ride Me to the bathroom slave. i scrambled across the floor. Perspiration slicked Your body. The skin felt moist and slippery between Your gripping thigh’s It was sexy, a wildly sexy ride. i felt a Sharp tug on my left testicle signaling me to turn left. i let out a little yelp of joy as W/we crossed the threshold into the bathroom. i came to a halt with my face just inches from the porcelain throne that hold You when You aren’t using a human toilet, i kissed the seat fervently. You dismounted and gave me a swift kick to the ball’s “enough slave get into position” i quickly spun around and tilted my head back into the bowl ” open your mouth slave I have to piss open wide NOW!! It started with a trickle and then was a flow i swallowed and gurgled happily. As the Precious Golden Nectar warmed me inside i realized that after so many years of searching i had finally found my place, a well whipped toilet serving one of the most Supreme Goddess the world has ever known
With fervent reverence,
Ronin Slave
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